Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2 more weeks!!

Hey guys

So just this last Saturday Jacel was interviewed for her baptism and she passed the interview so she will be baptized this Saturday. Axl wont be baptized though until probably September but once he is baptized everyone in the Nunez family will be members. We did teach Axl though last week and he definitely has a testimony and knows the church is true he just has to come to church more. He meets all the requirements for baptism except for church attendance. The Nunez family is doing great! 

So far things in our area have been good. We are just constantly looking for new investigators and we are finding some which is good .We are still teaching Kenneth and Joanna and they are doing great. They are progressing really well. Its great when we go teach them cause they get their Book OF Mormons out and all their pamphlets and as we teach we show them scriptures and they really enjoy it and they are learning a ton. They also have lots of great questions and they always want to know more about what we are teaching. Its way fun teaching them. The best part is they are making many changes in their life. They are trying better to life commandments and they are getting theirs papers together so they can get married so they can get baptized. Right now things are going good and we are just working hard to find more investigators. 

Miss you all and Ill talk to you next week! 

Elder Jones  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Well we had another good week here. Time is going by very fast still. It feels like I just emailed you guys and now we are back at the internet shop emailing again. Lately we have really been trying to find new investigators in our area. We have been looking, OYMing and trying to explore new parts of our area where we have been before. Our area is very small so it we see the same people everyday and we walk the same streets everyday so sometimes its hard to rind new investigators. Right now though everything is going good. 

Yesterday Kenneth and Joanna came to church again. It was great to see them at church again and right now they are progressing really well. They have been reading the Book Of Mormon and keeping their other commitments. They mentioned to us that they have been experiencing many blessings and they are noticing a change in their life. In order for them to be baptized they have to get married first and that might take several weeks. Next time we go visit them we will follow up with their marriage and see how its going. Just this last week Axl, Jacel and Jancel were out of town. They went to the province for Jacel's birthday so we didn't get to teach them as much as we would have liked too. We have to teach Jacel a lot this week for her to be prepared for her baptismal interview this Saturday! We have another very busy week ahead of us again! Love you all!! I will talk to you again next week! 

Elder Jones