Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New companion

Hello again everybody

It feels like I just emailed you guys! This week we had a decent week! Lately we have been focusing a lot on finding since our teaching pool is very small! We talked to lots of people and we talked to some people that seemed like they might be pretty interested. Im really hoping this week we can find some new investigators. Some that are really prepared. The ward here hast had a baptism in 4 months so we are working on that. We are just struggling a little bit even though we are working hard. Thats OK though cause it will all work out. We did, however have a great experience last week while teaching Jancel. We taught here last Tuesday with some of her friends the Decena Family. Brother Julius Decena and his wife sat in with us, The are both Returned Missionaries and just got married 2 weeks ago. Brother Noel was also working with us, he just got back from his mission about 4 weeks ago and sister Tin tin another returned missionary worked with us. It was a great discussion! We taught the restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith and they all shared their testimony with Jancel, then we invited her to be baptized this may.

Our area here in Pasay 5th ward is pretty small but I really like that. We work in the same small area every day and we are still exploring and finding more areas to work. Its also nice that our area is small cause we can go from one side to the other in a matter of minutes. We see the same people too everyday! We have made a lot of friends in our area they just haven't let us teach them yet. The work is going good though! Im really excited to see what happens in our area in the next few weeks and next few months. 

Just last Wednesday we had transfers. Elder Bernard left and went to back to Palawan. This time though he is assigned in Puerto Princessa. My new companion is Elder Streeter. He is an american. He is my first American companion.  He is still new in the mission but he is doing well. I think him and I will work good together.

Have a great week everyone! Miss and Love you all!

Elder Jones

Monday, April 18, 2016

Magandang tanghali sa inyo lahat 

Yesterday we had a great experience in our area with one of our new investigators. Maribel and Recent Convert here in our area has several kids who are all teenagers. Last week we met one of them and started teaching her. Her name is Jancel and she is 14 years old. We taught her 2 times last week and then invited her to church. Yesterday she showed up at church with her mom which was great! After church and after going back to the apartment and doing our studies we went out to work. We went to go stop by the Decena family to see if Brother Decena could come work with us for just 30 minutes to visit a Part Member family. When we arrived at the Decena's home we found Jancel and her mom there with them. The Decena family is a very active family with several returned missionaries. Jancel was memorizing the articles of faith with some of the other members there. Then Jancel asked us when could she be baptized. It surprised both Elder Barnard and I and then we asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes. It was a cool experience. Lately we have been working very hard to find investigators and teach and help our investigators attend church. 

The work has been going good lately though. Over the past few weeks we have found many investigators who are interested in our message and they are doing alright. We have been struggling with helping our investigators attend church. The church is kinda far from our area and not many people know where it is so sometimes it can be hard to get investigators there. Its great to see the progression of our area. Im really hoping that we can find some more investigators and hopefully help some people to be baptized in the next few months. 

The work has been great lately and things have been going great. We are again excited for another week ahead of us. Thank you! Miss and Love you all!

Elder Jones

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello again 

We had another great week in the mission field. This week went by really fast. But we had some great experiences. We are still teaching our investigator Jaymix and we are also teaching his two cousins Rico and Sherwin. They are doing good. They have lots of questions especially about what they read in the Book Of Mormon. They have been having a hard time trying to make it to church. For the past 3 weeks they have been planning on coming to church but something always stops them right at the last second. Yesterday they were planning to attend general conference when they texted us and told us an emergency came up and they had to leave and go somewhere else. It stunk not to see them there but the time will come. Im just hoping they get the opportunity really soon to make it to church. 

This week was pretty crazy with General Conference as well. We didn't get to work last Saturday but we were able to watch all the sessions of general conference which was great. I really learned a lot and really enjoyed general conference. It went by really fast. It sure didn't feel like 10 hours of general conference. Im so glad we have living Prophets, and Apostles on the earth today. My testimony of Living Prophets and Apostles has really been strengthened the last few general conferences. The are so important and they are called of God to lead and guide us. Always listen to them and try to apply their messages in your lives.  

The work has been really good lately. Im really looking forward for this week. Im excited to see what happens and what new things we can accomplish this week. We have several return appointments with some of our new investigators and Im excited to visit them. Thank you every one for all your prayers and support. I Love you all! 

Elder Jones

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hello Everyone

 This week we had a great week. We had several new great investigators including one named  Sister Alihandra. We met her last Wednesday and set a return appointment. While on our way to go visit here we stopped by brother alincastre and asked if he could come   with us to go work.  He came with us and we  visited  Sister Alihandra last Saturday.We began teaching her the restoration. She listens very well and is super interested. She really understands what  we teach as well. At the end of the discussion we invited her to come to church and she said she would   but she needed some one to go with her. Brother  Alincastre volunteered. We gave sister Alihandra his number and ours and she said she would text. The next day while we were at church one of the members approached us and told us that the Alincastre family just showed up and Sister Alihandra was with them. It was great to see the members helping and supporting us and our investigators. Investigators progress much faster when they have members helping and supporting them. 

Over the past several weeks we have found many new investigators and many of them are great great people. If you didnt know we have a goal in our mission to OYM at least 190 people a week which my companion and I have been doing. We have seen so many blessings come from it. We have found so many new investigators in such a short period of time. It has been great talking  to so many people because now we have tons of friends in our area.We talk with so many people and its great. 

We havent yet see general conference but we will be watching it this Saturday and Sunday. Im really excited for it. Im hoping we can help a  lot of our investigators be there so they can hear from the living prophets and apostles.

Elder Jones