Monday, April 27, 2015


So this week has been probably the best week so far in my mission. We had 17 lessons taught to investigators with a member and we found 9 new investigators including a family who was taught before we also had 9 investigators at church and to finish it off we had a baptism on Saturday. It was great! We taught so much and every single day was so busy. On Wednesday and Thursday we had exchanges with the zone leaders and since we are on a island an the zone leaders are in Manila they flew out here and we had threesomes two days in a row. Several of our days this week we had tons of amazing experiences. One lesson led to another, and another and we have been finding many new people to teach. 

One day we went to a part of our area and taught one of our new investigators. She is family with a Recent convert here and she is doing great. She is always at church reading the Book Of Mormon and really feels that it is true. After that while trying to contact a referral we talked to a family who was actually taught about a year and a half ago. We asked them if we could share a message with them and afterwards we asked them if we could return and they all agreed. We have been having many great experiences like that and next month we have several more baptisms lined up. We are just doing everything to help their faith and desire increase. 

For the Baptism his name is Ryan and his mom is a member but his dad isn't. He is 9 almost 10 and his mom has been inactive for some time but now she is active again. Ryan asked Elder Ordesta my companion to baptize him and me to confirm him in sacrament meeting. It was super cool and the first time I've been able to do that. It was also in Tagalog so ya it was very different. My first time confiming someone was in Tagalog. Ryan is great he is just super shy. But he is always at church and he reads the Book Of Mormon and is very smart. His Dad came to the baptism and we think that he felt something. We are going to try to follow up and hopefully teach him. He seemed to be pondering a lot at the baptism and listened very well to the talks given. It was a super cool experience. 

But the work is going great. Every single day here is just teaching teaching teaching we hardly ever have a single hour where we don't teach. My companion and I are working super good together and me and him have actually been friends since my first transfer in the field. So it was super cool to be able to work together. Ya every week we get a letter from President Oslter and are able to read it. He is a really good mission President and we just had our interviews with him on Saturday which went great. Here in Coron we are almost nonexistent in the mission because there is only 4 of us and we are on an Island far from Manila.  

Mahal ko po Kayo at Mag-eemail ako sa inyo sa susunod na linggo! Mag-Ingat po Kayo

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello Jones family
So whats up right now is we are sitting in a computer shop Emailing. Lately things have been great. We are having a lot of fun, working hard, and just enjoying our missions. Things have been great lately and we have been teaching a lot. This Saturday we also have a baptism. A boy named Ryan Ardines is getting baptized this Saturday. His mother is a member but his father is not. His mother has also been inactive but now she is active again and her son will be baptized this week. Its so cool to be here in Coron. Its really hot here right now but luckily we get a lot of cold wind from the ocean. We also see a lot of tourists here since its a big tourist spot. 

This week we had a good week. Just two weeks ago while meeting with a less active member we met his sister and her daughters who we have been teaching. She is very interested and has been coming to church, started reading the Book of Mormon and has expressed to us that she wants to change things in her life. We are also trying to get her brother involved in order to help him return to church. Also one of the recent converts here named Norlito. He is 13. Him and I have become good friends. He is always wanted to talk with him and I joke around with him. 

Well I will talk to you all next week and I'm looking forward to skyping you guys and being able to talk with you all!! Love you guys!!! Miss you a ton!!!

Elder Jones
Hello 4/12/15

So right now in our area we are actually teaching a ton! We taught about 13 or 14 lessons last week with a member present. There is a member here who works with us everyday he doesn't have a job so he is almost like a full time missionary with us. Its so nice to always have him come a long cause it gives us many opportunities. Right now we have several baptisms lined up but we are really trying to make sure these people are prepared for baptism, understand the doctrine, and realize the importance of baptism. One thing that has been happening in our area is we dont find a lot of new investigators in one week but the investigators that we do find are very serious about the message. We have several new investigators who are coming to church and are doing well. We also have several new investigators who already have baptismal dates. 

We meet in a very small branch building here. There are only about 6 rooms then the main room where we have sacrament. There are usually a good number of people there every Sunday. My companion and I actually knew each other from my first transfer in the field and he is hard working. We are actually going home batch so we both go home at the same exact time. He is from Cebu. So far things have been great here and the work is great. We teach a lot and have many investigators at church every Sunday. 

Love Elder Jones

Monday, April 6, 2015


This week we had some really cool things happen. On Tuesday we had a service project and build a home for one of the members in our branch. It took us all day. We left early in the morning and we left later that night. I had so much fun even though it was very very very hot!! Then on Saturday we had a activity for the Primary and the youth. The activity was about the plan of salvation. Many people came and we had a great out come. My companion and I went and invited several less active members who live right next to each other. We ended up having them come with us to the church and the next day at church they all came. It was great to see them come to the activity and then the next day watch them all walk up the street to the church. In the activity We had two paths that they could choose, the right path and the wrong path. There was also a pre earth life and a celestial room. They started at the Pre earth life of course and then walked trough earth life with their families. There were pictures of things on the correct path and the incorrect path. Then at the end of the correct path was the celestial kingdom where the families sat together and wrote their feelings. 

The new area is great I love it a lot. The flight was only 45 minutes so very short. We haven't seen general conference yet. It is this weekend for us so we are excited and looking forward to watching it.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!