Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello Jones family
So whats up right now is we are sitting in a computer shop Emailing. Lately things have been great. We are having a lot of fun, working hard, and just enjoying our missions. Things have been great lately and we have been teaching a lot. This Saturday we also have a baptism. A boy named Ryan Ardines is getting baptized this Saturday. His mother is a member but his father is not. His mother has also been inactive but now she is active again and her son will be baptized this week. Its so cool to be here in Coron. Its really hot here right now but luckily we get a lot of cold wind from the ocean. We also see a lot of tourists here since its a big tourist spot. 

This week we had a good week. Just two weeks ago while meeting with a less active member we met his sister and her daughters who we have been teaching. She is very interested and has been coming to church, started reading the Book of Mormon and has expressed to us that she wants to change things in her life. We are also trying to get her brother involved in order to help him return to church. Also one of the recent converts here named Norlito. He is 13. Him and I have become good friends. He is always wanted to talk with him and I joke around with him. 

Well I will talk to you all next week and I'm looking forward to skyping you guys and being able to talk with you all!! Love you guys!!! Miss you a ton!!!

Elder Jones

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