Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello 4/12/15

So right now in our area we are actually teaching a ton! We taught about 13 or 14 lessons last week with a member present. There is a member here who works with us everyday he doesn't have a job so he is almost like a full time missionary with us. Its so nice to always have him come a long cause it gives us many opportunities. Right now we have several baptisms lined up but we are really trying to make sure these people are prepared for baptism, understand the doctrine, and realize the importance of baptism. One thing that has been happening in our area is we dont find a lot of new investigators in one week but the investigators that we do find are very serious about the message. We have several new investigators who are coming to church and are doing well. We also have several new investigators who already have baptismal dates. 

We meet in a very small branch building here. There are only about 6 rooms then the main room where we have sacrament. There are usually a good number of people there every Sunday. My companion and I actually knew each other from my first transfer in the field and he is hard working. We are actually going home batch so we both go home at the same exact time. He is from Cebu. So far things have been great here and the work is great. We teach a lot and have many investigators at church every Sunday. 

Love Elder Jones

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