Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2 more weeks!!

Hey guys

So just this last Saturday Jacel was interviewed for her baptism and she passed the interview so she will be baptized this Saturday. Axl wont be baptized though until probably September but once he is baptized everyone in the Nunez family will be members. We did teach Axl though last week and he definitely has a testimony and knows the church is true he just has to come to church more. He meets all the requirements for baptism except for church attendance. The Nunez family is doing great! 

So far things in our area have been good. We are just constantly looking for new investigators and we are finding some which is good .We are still teaching Kenneth and Joanna and they are doing great. They are progressing really well. Its great when we go teach them cause they get their Book OF Mormons out and all their pamphlets and as we teach we show them scriptures and they really enjoy it and they are learning a ton. They also have lots of great questions and they always want to know more about what we are teaching. Its way fun teaching them. The best part is they are making many changes in their life. They are trying better to life commandments and they are getting theirs papers together so they can get married so they can get baptized. Right now things are going good and we are just working hard to find more investigators. 

Miss you all and Ill talk to you next week! 

Elder Jones  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Well we had another good week here. Time is going by very fast still. It feels like I just emailed you guys and now we are back at the internet shop emailing again. Lately we have really been trying to find new investigators in our area. We have been looking, OYMing and trying to explore new parts of our area where we have been before. Our area is very small so it we see the same people everyday and we walk the same streets everyday so sometimes its hard to rind new investigators. Right now though everything is going good. 

Yesterday Kenneth and Joanna came to church again. It was great to see them at church again and right now they are progressing really well. They have been reading the Book Of Mormon and keeping their other commitments. They mentioned to us that they have been experiencing many blessings and they are noticing a change in their life. In order for them to be baptized they have to get married first and that might take several weeks. Next time we go visit them we will follow up with their marriage and see how its going. Just this last week Axl, Jacel and Jancel were out of town. They went to the province for Jacel's birthday so we didn't get to teach them as much as we would have liked too. We have to teach Jacel a lot this week for her to be prepared for her baptismal interview this Saturday! We have another very busy week ahead of us again! Love you all!! I will talk to you again next week! 

Elder Jones

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey everybody

There hasn't been to many changes in our area. Elder Streeter and I are still companions and we are doing great. We are still teaching the rest of the Nunez family specifically Jacel and Axl. Jacel came to church yesterday but Axl want there again for some reason so he wont be able to be baptized for at least another 4 weeks. Jacel is still on track for her August 13 baptism. Yesterday Kenneth and Joanna were at church again. Last week we taught them the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. They were very accepting and committed to live them both. The only problem right now is that they are not married yet, have a kid and are living together. We let them know that they have to get married and when we returned to their house we shared the Family a Proclamation to the world with them. It went really well. They are both doing great. We are also still teaching Charlie and his siblings and they are doing good too. They are reading the Book Of Mormon and praying and they love when we come over to teach them. 

This week we had the best week we have ever had in our area as far as numbers go. We taught 25 lessons and again OYMed 190 people. We are seeing many miracles in our area and I think in the future there will be a lot of baptisms in this area. We are trying to work more effectively with the members. So far its been going good. We are sharing more messages with the members to help them do their part as missionaries and to help them share the gospel. Its so great being a missionary. 

Love you all have a great week

Elder Jones

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hey everyone!

I wasn't able to email yesterday cause our schedule was changed due to the fact that today we had a temple day and we just got back from the temple. The temple here closes at the beginning of August so we had a temple day this week before it closes for the next 3 months! Things are going great. Last Saturday Abegail was baptized. It was cool there were so many people who came to the baptism. We are still working with Jacel and Axl and their baptisms are getting closer. Once they are baptized everyone in their house hold will be members. The work has been going good though lately. 

Last week I didn't get transferred and neither did my companion so we are still here in the same area. My companion right now will be my last companion and this will definitely be my last area. There are a lot of great things going on in our area and I really didn't want to leave so Im glad that I didn't. I want to stay here and see the progression of our area and also see Axl and Jacel and Charlie get baptized. Have a great week everyone!!   Love and miss you all!

Elder Jones

Monday, July 11, 2016

6 more weeks to go!

Happy late 4th of July everyone!

Just this last week we had some great experiences ion our area. One of these experiences includes our investigator Charlie. I think I mentioned before that we talked to charlie out on the street and he told us his parents were members and we started teaching him a couple days after that. Well anyway this week we met his parents and also all his other siblings. We are now teaching all his siblings and yesterday Charlie along with his youngest brother and the youngest came to church. Next week his other brothers and sisters are going to attend church. Yesterday was Charlie's second time at church and he is really doing well. He is progressing very well and all his siblings are very interested and doing well too. Charlie's baptismal date is August 20 and Im really hoping he will make that goal so I can be here to see him get baptized. Im super excited to see the progression of his family and we are really hoping that the parents will come back to church soon with their kids. Its so great teaching amazing people like them they are super cool. 

Abegail was also interviewed for her baptism on Saturday and she passed. She will be baptized this Saturday and the baptism will start at 5 PM. She also asked me to baptize her. Im very excited for that and Jacel and Axl are doing great. They all came to church yesterday and Jacel and Axl are keeping all their commitments. Axl's baptismal date is this upcoming July 30 and Jacel's is August 13. Right now they are all on track and if the keep progressing the way they are they will be baptized on their scheduled days. Im super excited for them. They are all doing great and they have so much support. We again had another great week and we will have another great week this week. 

Love you all 

Elder Jones

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hey there every one

This week we had the best week I think since Elder Streeter and I have been companions. We taught a total of 22 lessons and OYMed 190 people and it was a great week. The mission is really focusing on us hitting 190OYMs every week and teaching at least 20 lessons a week. Our mission President, however, wants us to set our goals higher. We are going to try and get more than 22 lessons. Hopefully we can teach 25 or even more. We have seen so many miracles and blessings in our area as we have been working hard and being obedient. 

Last week after church while working we talked to a 18 year old boy named Charlie. While talking with Charlie he told us that both of his parents were Mormon but had not been to church in a long time. He also mentioned that he use to go to church when he was a little boy. So far we have taught him twice, invited him to be baptized and yesterday he came to church with us. He knew several people at church which was great cause he already has so fellow shippers now. We still haven't met his parents but hopefully this week we will and we can start working with them to help them come back to church. We didnt know his parents were members or that they even lived there cause they have no records in our ward cause they are back in the province where they were baptized. Hopefully Charlie's parents will return to church and all his siblings could be baptized in the process. There is a lot of potential and Im really glad that we OYM 190 people every week or else we would have never found him and many of the other people we are teaching. 

Yesterday Abegail, Axl and Jacel all came to church. Axl and Jacel are sister Meribel's kids and Jancel's brother and sister. They both also have baptismal dates and they are doing well. Abegail has a baptismal date for this July 16 and she is on track. Axl has a baptismal date for this July 30 and Jacel's Baptismal date is in August. They are all reading their Book Of Mormons though and preaying and attending church. They are all on track so far. Hopefully They will all be baptized by the end of August. If they keep progressing they way they are they will be baptized before the end of august which is our goal. Things are going great and the work is amazing! 

I love and miss you all!! Ingat po kayo 

Elder Jones

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey Everyone

This week we had another great week! First of all we had Zone Conference and it was great and unfortunately it was my last Zone Conference. Its so great to see where the mission and work is going here and I wish I could stay longer to be a part of it! A lot of the Zone Conference was about increasing the way we work with members and also just the way we work so we can be more  effective. 

We had some great experiences this last week with some of our investigators including Kenneth and Joanna, a young couple who was a referral from the Tolentino family, and another one of our investigators named Ralph. We met Joanna and Kenneth about 2 weeks ago when they and us joined a Family home evening at the Tolentino's home. Last week we taught them the restoration of the gospel and yesterday they came to church. Joanna's desire to learn about the gospel has grown very fast and Kenneth's desire is growing slowly but it is growing. We will be teaching them tomorrow and we are going to finally set a baptismal goal with them. Our other investigator is Ralph. We have been teaching him for about 4 weeks now and at first he wasn't really progressing but he had a lot of questions. 2 weeks ago after finding out again that he still hadn't read anything in the Book Of Mormon we spent an entire lesson just talking about reading and the importance of it. We also read the introduction to the first book Of Nephi and that got him interested. Well he started reading after that. He has been praying and reading now and we also taught him the Law Of Chastity and the Word Of Wisdom. Well he struggles with both of those commandments but he has been progressing well over the past few weeks and he is working hard to live the Law Of Chastity and Word Of wisdom. Ralph also came to church with us yesterday for the first time. Im really hoping he will keep progressing the way he is and hopefully be able to be baptized this August. 

Love you all! Have a great week!! 

Elder Jones