Monday, December 28, 2015

Magandang araw sa inyo lahat.

How was everyones christmas?? For christmas here our mission did something special. It was called white christmas. The entire mission had a goal which was for every companionship to have at least two baptisms on December 26th. President Yap one of the members of the Branch Presidentcy here put together a special program for White Christmas. It was a great program too. There were a total of 5 people who were baptized including our 2 now recent converts Jesabel and Camille and 3 kids that are all 8 years old. We had a great turn out there was probably 40 people at the baptism and everyone was dressed in white. We all dressed in white since it was white christmas. The program that President Yap put together was great. Before the baptisms actaully happened we watched a video and President Yap was sitting by me and he whispered to me and said "You are very lucky Elder only once in your life will you experience this." Im very thankful for president Yap he helps us so much and his family is amazing. This January his family is going to the temple for them to be sealed.

Yesterday when we worked Jesabel came and worked with us. She wants to serve a mission already. The other day when we were at their home they were asking us what they need to do so she can serve a mission. That would be really cool if she would serve a mission. She still has a couple years but since her mom is a member sge is of course supporting her. We had a great week and its was kinda crazy with everything. Well I will talk to you all next week! have a great week! Bye and love you all!!

Elder Jones

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hello all This week we had a very cool experience in our area. While walking to go vist our investigators who will be baptized this week we talked to a girl who was walking beside us on the other side of the road. We asked if she knew our investigtors and she did. We told her a little bit about our message and asked if we could visit her. She said if she wantes to listen she will just talk to our investigators and join us. When we got to our investigators house we asked them if they knew the girl who we had talked to. They knew her and ansked if she was interested. A couple days later our investigators texted us and asked when we would be visiting because the girl we had OYMed was there and wanted us to teach her. Our investigators followed up with their friend. They were the ones who went to the girl we OYMed after we talked about her and they invited her to listen. We taught her and she also came to church yesterday with her two friends. We have FHE later today at their house as well and she will be joining us. It was a great experience for us and it was so cool to see our investigators go out and fellowship others. Im so excited fro white christmas and to see our two amazing investigators enter into the waters of baptism.Our two investigators that will be baptized saturday are Jesabel and Camille. They are best friends and we have been teaching them for about 7 or 8 weeks now. This December 26 in the mission is called white Christmas. President Ostler wanted us to all make a goal for white Christmas which was to have 2 baptisms on that day. Im super excited for it cause its a big activitythat the branch has been involved in for a longtime. The branch is also putting together a huge program for white christmas. Its going to be super awesome! Jesabel and Camille and doing great. Its so cool to see their progression. The are attending seminary and they love the church and gospel and the people. The members have been doing a great job with fellowshipping them and they have tons of freids at church and they spend time with the other youth in the branch. Jesabels mon has been a member for about a year now and now Jesabel and her mom are really helping eachother. They are now trying to get Jesabel's older brother and dad to go to church. Which I think the time will come like it did for Jesabel. I wish I could tell you more but time is short! I love you all! Have a great week and Ill talk to you all this Christmas!!! Elder Jones

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hey guys!

This week was very different because we had a zone Conference where Elder Bowen from the Quorum of the seventy came and taught us and the following day we had a Christmas party. All this happened in Puerto about 3 hours away from our area so we left early Wednesday Morning and didn't get back until Friday night. So we didn't get to work a whole lot in our area. Our investigators are doing good. This Friday Jezebel and Camille will be interviewed by our Zone leaders for Baptism. They are doing great. Jezebel has been to church now 5 times and Camille has been 4 times. Im really excited for their baptisms this December 26. Our other investigators are also doing good. We really have a lot of work to do in our area and sometimes I wish we could accomplish more than we do. But people have agency and we can only invite, teach, and do our best the rest is up to our investigators. But the work is coming along great. Its really fun and we are having a blast. We have also really grown to love those that we teach and really want to serve them and help them to receive the gospel. Being a missionary is a great experience I love it!

Elder Jones 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey I cant believe its monday again. Its crazy how fast time is  going by. This week was great though. We have several investigators, Jezebel, Camelle, and Michelle who are all progressing well. They all came to church last week and it was Jezebels 4 time at church in a row. Camelle has now been 3 times and Michelle has been 2 times. They all have baptismal dates for  December 26 the only problem is Michelle  leaves December 20 to go on vacation and then on January 30  she  comes back so  she may not be baptized this December 26 but we will see. Its  so fun to teach them cause they all ask good questions and they always read the chapters in the Book Of Mormon that we leave with them. When we teach now they have pens and papers and takes notes. They also all have their  Book OfMormons and Pamphlits and are learningso  much. They also toldus they beleive the Book  Of Mormon is true.

Anotherone of our investigators, Bryan, came to church yesterday. Bryan's mom is an inactive member and yesterday her, Bryan and Precious, Bryans younger sister all went to  church. We invited Bryan to be baptized and he has a  goal  of January 2. He is another investigators of ourswho always reads from the Book Of Mormon and we committed him and his mom to have daily family  scripture study and prayer everyday which they have been doing. Its so great  to see their desire and seeing them at church yesteday was  amazing.

We also have a new  investigators who  we taught on saturday, her cousin is an activemember. Kyla our new investigator went to church yesterday and we are teaching her again later today.  We are also going toinvite  her to be baptized on probably January 9. But this week was amazing we have had great success  and its amazing. Imight only have 6 weeks left her but I hope not. Im really hoping to see Jezebel, Camelle,Michelle, Bryan,Kyla,and Zember all be baptized before I leave. All of them are doing great and progressing so well.

Love you all
Elder Jones

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hey How is everyone doing

This week was different than other weeks. On Friday we had to travel to Narra which is about 1 hour away from here for a meeting. Then we had District Conference on Saturday and Sunday so we didn't go home. We all stayed in our zone leasers home for several days. Their home is really big though so it was OK. I work however was really limited because of District Conference. It was really cool even though District Conference was about 2 hours away we had several investigators attend which wouldn't have happened without the help of the members. One of the Area Seventy also spake at the conference with his wife, President and Sister Ostler and many others. I'm sure it was a great experience for our investigators. I know it was for me.

Iam absolutely loving this area so much! I cant explain everything but the work is great. We have so many investigators and many of them are progressing. Some of our investigators are doing amazing and many others come to church but not regularly. Several of our investigators come to church every week. We have many amazing investigators that can be baptized on December 26 and we have many other investigators that will be baptized in January and February. I don't know how to explain it all without telling you about every single investigator but I know that many of this amazing people will be baptized whether I'm here or not. I think I will probably leave this area in the beginning of January after My companion and I finish his training. We are working hard though and trying to help as many of our investigators to be prepared for baptism before I leave. I love this work though. It is hard but its amazing. It is stressful but it is so much more rewarding. I'm so glad I'm here and that I have been able to help in the little small ways that I have in order to help bring other unto Christ. 

Thank you all for everything I love you all so much!!

Elder Jones