Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey I cant believe its monday again. Its crazy how fast time is  going by. This week was great though. We have several investigators, Jezebel, Camelle, and Michelle who are all progressing well. They all came to church last week and it was Jezebels 4 time at church in a row. Camelle has now been 3 times and Michelle has been 2 times. They all have baptismal dates for  December 26 the only problem is Michelle  leaves December 20 to go on vacation and then on January 30  she  comes back so  she may not be baptized this December 26 but we will see. Its  so fun to teach them cause they all ask good questions and they always read the chapters in the Book Of Mormon that we leave with them. When we teach now they have pens and papers and takes notes. They also all have their  Book OfMormons and Pamphlits and are learningso  much. They also toldus they beleive the Book  Of Mormon is true.

Anotherone of our investigators, Bryan, came to church yesterday. Bryan's mom is an inactive member and yesterday her, Bryan and Precious, Bryans younger sister all went to  church. We invited Bryan to be baptized and he has a  goal  of January 2. He is another investigators of ourswho always reads from the Book Of Mormon and we committed him and his mom to have daily family  scripture study and prayer everyday which they have been doing. Its so great  to see their desire and seeing them at church yesteday was  amazing.

We also have a new  investigators who  we taught on saturday, her cousin is an activemember. Kyla our new investigator went to church yesterday and we are teaching her again later today.  We are also going toinvite  her to be baptized on probably January 9. But this week was amazing we have had great success  and its amazing. Imight only have 6 weeks left her but I hope not. Im really hoping to see Jezebel, Camelle,Michelle, Bryan,Kyla,and Zember all be baptized before I leave. All of them are doing great and progressing so well.

Love you all
Elder Jones

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