Monday, November 23, 2015

Magandang Hapon po
This week we had an amazing week. I wont be able to tell you much about it because so much happened but I can say this, it was an amazing week. Last week I mentioned one of our investigators named Jezebel. Well she is doing great. She is attending institute now and came to church again yesterday. She also introduced us to two of her best friends Camel, and Mitchell. We have been teaching them three and they are keeping commitments and attending church. We invited Jezebel to be baptized on December 26 and she is really excited for that. We also invited her two best friends. They all have a baptismal date for December 26 and they are all progressing well. I'm sure that all three of them will be baptized on that day and they are excited for it, especially Jezebel.
Another one of our investigators named Zember who also has a baptismal date for December 26 had been struggling with receiving and answer lately. He reads the Book Or Mormon, Prays about it, and understands the lessons we have with him. This week Lymark worked with us. He is an 18 year old member. Then next time we went back and asked him if he had felt anything yet. If he had received and answer to his prayers. He then told us that he had. He said that when Lymark shared his testimony and shared his conversion story he felt something. Lymark talked about how it took him a long time to receive and answer and Zember has now been praying for weeks. Zember said that he felt something burning inside him that he couldn't describe. It was amazing and it just really helped me to understand the importance of members. Brother Zember also came to church yesterday.
We also had another amazing experience. Several days ago we talked to Bryan a 14 year old boy. Yesterday we went to visit him at his home. He is a part member family and his mom is an inactive member that I didn't know til yesterday. Bryan was taught by missionaries before and was almost baptized but then his family moved. They moved back here and his mom has been inactive for many years. When we began sharing with them his mother broke down in tears. She started talking about how she wants to go back to church and she knows she needs to but she has made mistakes and needs help. We told her we were there to help her as well as her son. Bryan than told us that he wants to be baptized so after having a short discussion and reassuring them that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them we invited Bryan to be baptized and he accepted. He also has a baptismal date for December 26.
We have so many investigators with December 26 baptismal dates right now because of White Christmas. Our goal is for every companionship to have at least 2 baptisms on that day. Im so excited for Jezebel, Camel, Mitchelle, Zember, and Bryan.
Our week also ended perfectly with Rodel's Baptism. Brother Welmer, the ward mission leader, baptized him and I confirmed him. As I said before that Rodel is very quite and shy but as he has been reading, praying, and attending church he has really changed. He talks to members more, and yesterday he said the opening prayer in sacrament. That was really awesome. He has made a lot of friends and has become very comfortable with the branch. At first he would hardly say a word and now he talks to us all. He has a great testimony too and he is almost done with 2 Nephi. It was so amazing yesterday when the branch all raised the right hands to support Rodel as the newest member in the Quezon Palawan Branch.
Love you all
Elder Jones

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This week we had another good week. This week was kind of difficult but was also rewarding. One of our investigators named Rodel Almugera was just interviewed for his baptism last week and this Saturday he will be baptized. Rodel is 19 and was being taught when I first got here. He is a very shy kid but its cool so see how the gospel is changing his life. He reads the book of Mormon so much that he has gotten a lot better at reading and he has started to open up to people at church and make several new friends. He also has a great testimony and has learned a lot. He hasn't missed a single Sunday in the last 10 weeks. I'm excited to see him get baptized this Saturday. 

Our mission is doing something this year called white Christmas. Where every companionship in the mission is working to have at least 2 baptisms. We have several  potential investigators in our area to be baptized on December 26. One is Jezebel. She is a 17 year old girl and her mother is a member. She is also familiar with the bible which makes teaching her very fun. Yesterday she came to church with her mom and we also taught her the Law of Chastity and the Work of Wisdom last week. Because her mom was taught by missionaries before and had a Word of Wisdom problem and her mom always teaches her the importance of taking care of her body it was like she already had a testimony of these two commandments. She saw the changes the Word Of Wisdom made in her moms life. It was super cool. Her mom is such a great example for her. Jezebel is also someone we see as a future leader. She understands doctrine so well and she lives it. She will be a future leader here. Another Potential investigator who has a baptismal goal for December 26 is Zember. Zember is also a 17 year old who has a lot of real intent. He is super great and he keeps commitments very well. He continues to read and pray. His mom and sister were just baptized several weeks ago in Narra. The only thing with Zember is he hasn't been able to go to church for a couple week because he was traveling and wasn't here in Quezon so for him to be baptized he really needs to go again which I think he will. He came three weeks in a row before and then missed the last several. I'm super excited for December 26 and we are going to work super hard to have as many baptisms as we can on that day.

Love you all and thank you so much for everything! 

Elder Jones

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good Afternoon everyone

Well it really feels like I just Emailed you yesterday. Time is going by so fast now its crazy. I'm loving the mission though. We had another really great week this week and we taught a lot of lessons. One thing though is it is hard to help people to be baptized. As many people as we teach and as well as some of them are progressing it takes a lot of time for them to really be prepared. We have so many investigators and many of them are amazing but it is hard to help them be baptized. Just this week the two oldest girls in the Alingasa family brought out that they don't feel ready to be baptized. They feel it is true but still have doubts. They were suppose to be baptized on November 21 but the soonest they can be baptized is in December. We are still just teaching them and helping them to over come their doubts. It really is harder work but its super amazing. 

The mission also has a new goal called White Christmas which is for every companionship in the mission to have 2 baptisms on the day of December 26. We have several investigators who have baptismal goals for that day. Many of them are doing very well. It is great to teach them to gospel and to help them understand it. It is hard work but it is definitely worth it. 

Love you all and I will talk to you again next week!!

Love Elder Jones

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Magandang araw po sa inyo lahat

We had an absolutely amazing week this week. We had several newinvestigators who are very interested and it was really cool to share with them. One of our new invesetigators this week is the daughter of a member here in the branch. The member, Sister Clara, has been less active for a while but just recently has been going to church regularily so we decided to visit her. When we got to her house we met her daughter Jezibel and talked for a little.  We also grabbed some Suha from a nearby tree at ate it. Suha is grape fruit by the way. While talking to her we found out that she is very interstedin the bible and reads it pretty frequently.  Lately I have been reading and studying the bible in my personal study and we were able to use some of the knowledge that we have about the bible to help her understand our message. We told her about living prophets and aposltes and she couldnt believe there were liveing prophets and apostles here on the earth.It was a really cool expereince. She kept asking where they are and what the do she we told her. We also have a new investiagtors named Jason who is a 19 year old boy and his mother father and siblings all live several hours away from here. The cool thing is all of them are members. He is the only one that isnt a member. We taught him and in the first lesson we told him if he has questions to just ask.  He immediately asked why we were really there sharing with him.  It was a great question that led us right into the restoration.  We told him that we are really here because of the restoration, because once again aprophet has been called and the gaspel is on the earth, and that we wanted him to know that. It was a great dicussion and yesterday he came to church.

Everything here is going great. I love the mission and the people. Time is going to fast! HAHA But we have a lot of work to do and we have been able to accomplish a lot. Last week we had 14 member present lessons which was great. Im really looking forward to the progression of this area. We have so many investigators who I feel will be baptized. Also this last week we talked to a guy sitting on his motorcycle on the side of the road. When we started to talk to him he spoke english to me then i spoke tagalog back. He couldnt believe that I spoke tagalog. He asked how long I had been here andI told him "14 months already" He then said you have only been here for 14 months and you can speek tagalog. He was mind blown but we asked if we could visit him and he said yes. We then gave him a pamphlit about the resotration and but out names and number on it.

Im doing great here! Love you all Miss you all too!!

Elder Jones