Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This week we had another good week. This week was kind of difficult but was also rewarding. One of our investigators named Rodel Almugera was just interviewed for his baptism last week and this Saturday he will be baptized. Rodel is 19 and was being taught when I first got here. He is a very shy kid but its cool so see how the gospel is changing his life. He reads the book of Mormon so much that he has gotten a lot better at reading and he has started to open up to people at church and make several new friends. He also has a great testimony and has learned a lot. He hasn't missed a single Sunday in the last 10 weeks. I'm excited to see him get baptized this Saturday. 

Our mission is doing something this year called white Christmas. Where every companionship in the mission is working to have at least 2 baptisms. We have several  potential investigators in our area to be baptized on December 26. One is Jezebel. She is a 17 year old girl and her mother is a member. She is also familiar with the bible which makes teaching her very fun. Yesterday she came to church with her mom and we also taught her the Law of Chastity and the Work of Wisdom last week. Because her mom was taught by missionaries before and had a Word of Wisdom problem and her mom always teaches her the importance of taking care of her body it was like she already had a testimony of these two commandments. She saw the changes the Word Of Wisdom made in her moms life. It was super cool. Her mom is such a great example for her. Jezebel is also someone we see as a future leader. She understands doctrine so well and she lives it. She will be a future leader here. Another Potential investigator who has a baptismal goal for December 26 is Zember. Zember is also a 17 year old who has a lot of real intent. He is super great and he keeps commitments very well. He continues to read and pray. His mom and sister were just baptized several weeks ago in Narra. The only thing with Zember is he hasn't been able to go to church for a couple week because he was traveling and wasn't here in Quezon so for him to be baptized he really needs to go again which I think he will. He came three weeks in a row before and then missed the last several. I'm super excited for December 26 and we are going to work super hard to have as many baptisms as we can on that day.

Love you all and thank you so much for everything! 

Elder Jones

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