Monday, December 28, 2015

Magandang araw sa inyo lahat.

How was everyones christmas?? For christmas here our mission did something special. It was called white christmas. The entire mission had a goal which was for every companionship to have at least two baptisms on December 26th. President Yap one of the members of the Branch Presidentcy here put together a special program for White Christmas. It was a great program too. There were a total of 5 people who were baptized including our 2 now recent converts Jesabel and Camille and 3 kids that are all 8 years old. We had a great turn out there was probably 40 people at the baptism and everyone was dressed in white. We all dressed in white since it was white christmas. The program that President Yap put together was great. Before the baptisms actaully happened we watched a video and President Yap was sitting by me and he whispered to me and said "You are very lucky Elder only once in your life will you experience this." Im very thankful for president Yap he helps us so much and his family is amazing. This January his family is going to the temple for them to be sealed.

Yesterday when we worked Jesabel came and worked with us. She wants to serve a mission already. The other day when we were at their home they were asking us what they need to do so she can serve a mission. That would be really cool if she would serve a mission. She still has a couple years but since her mom is a member sge is of course supporting her. We had a great week and its was kinda crazy with everything. Well I will talk to you all next week! have a great week! Bye and love you all!!

Elder Jones

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