Monday, July 4, 2016

Hey there every one

This week we had the best week I think since Elder Streeter and I have been companions. We taught a total of 22 lessons and OYMed 190 people and it was a great week. The mission is really focusing on us hitting 190OYMs every week and teaching at least 20 lessons a week. Our mission President, however, wants us to set our goals higher. We are going to try and get more than 22 lessons. Hopefully we can teach 25 or even more. We have seen so many miracles and blessings in our area as we have been working hard and being obedient. 

Last week after church while working we talked to a 18 year old boy named Charlie. While talking with Charlie he told us that both of his parents were Mormon but had not been to church in a long time. He also mentioned that he use to go to church when he was a little boy. So far we have taught him twice, invited him to be baptized and yesterday he came to church with us. He knew several people at church which was great cause he already has so fellow shippers now. We still haven't met his parents but hopefully this week we will and we can start working with them to help them come back to church. We didnt know his parents were members or that they even lived there cause they have no records in our ward cause they are back in the province where they were baptized. Hopefully Charlie's parents will return to church and all his siblings could be baptized in the process. There is a lot of potential and Im really glad that we OYM 190 people every week or else we would have never found him and many of the other people we are teaching. 

Yesterday Abegail, Axl and Jacel all came to church. Axl and Jacel are sister Meribel's kids and Jancel's brother and sister. They both also have baptismal dates and they are doing well. Abegail has a baptismal date for this July 16 and she is on track. Axl has a baptismal date for this July 30 and Jacel's Baptismal date is in August. They are all reading their Book Of Mormons though and preaying and attending church. They are all on track so far. Hopefully They will all be baptized by the end of August. If they keep progressing they way they are they will be baptized before the end of august which is our goal. Things are going great and the work is amazing! 

I love and miss you all!! Ingat po kayo 

Elder Jones

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