Monday, July 11, 2016

6 more weeks to go!

Happy late 4th of July everyone!

Just this last week we had some great experiences ion our area. One of these experiences includes our investigator Charlie. I think I mentioned before that we talked to charlie out on the street and he told us his parents were members and we started teaching him a couple days after that. Well anyway this week we met his parents and also all his other siblings. We are now teaching all his siblings and yesterday Charlie along with his youngest brother and the youngest came to church. Next week his other brothers and sisters are going to attend church. Yesterday was Charlie's second time at church and he is really doing well. He is progressing very well and all his siblings are very interested and doing well too. Charlie's baptismal date is August 20 and Im really hoping he will make that goal so I can be here to see him get baptized. Im super excited to see the progression of his family and we are really hoping that the parents will come back to church soon with their kids. Its so great teaching amazing people like them they are super cool. 

Abegail was also interviewed for her baptism on Saturday and she passed. She will be baptized this Saturday and the baptism will start at 5 PM. She also asked me to baptize her. Im very excited for that and Jacel and Axl are doing great. They all came to church yesterday and Jacel and Axl are keeping all their commitments. Axl's baptismal date is this upcoming July 30 and Jacel's is August 13. Right now they are all on track and if the keep progressing the way they are they will be baptized on their scheduled days. Im super excited for them. They are all doing great and they have so much support. We again had another great week and we will have another great week this week. 

Love you all 

Elder Jones

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