Monday, April 18, 2016

Magandang tanghali sa inyo lahat 

Yesterday we had a great experience in our area with one of our new investigators. Maribel and Recent Convert here in our area has several kids who are all teenagers. Last week we met one of them and started teaching her. Her name is Jancel and she is 14 years old. We taught her 2 times last week and then invited her to church. Yesterday she showed up at church with her mom which was great! After church and after going back to the apartment and doing our studies we went out to work. We went to go stop by the Decena family to see if Brother Decena could come work with us for just 30 minutes to visit a Part Member family. When we arrived at the Decena's home we found Jancel and her mom there with them. The Decena family is a very active family with several returned missionaries. Jancel was memorizing the articles of faith with some of the other members there. Then Jancel asked us when could she be baptized. It surprised both Elder Barnard and I and then we asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes. It was a cool experience. Lately we have been working very hard to find investigators and teach and help our investigators attend church. 

The work has been going good lately though. Over the past few weeks we have found many investigators who are interested in our message and they are doing alright. We have been struggling with helping our investigators attend church. The church is kinda far from our area and not many people know where it is so sometimes it can be hard to get investigators there. Its great to see the progression of our area. Im really hoping that we can find some more investigators and hopefully help some people to be baptized in the next few months. 

The work has been great lately and things have been going great. We are again excited for another week ahead of us. Thank you! Miss and Love you all!

Elder Jones

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