Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New companion

Hello again everybody

It feels like I just emailed you guys! This week we had a decent week! Lately we have been focusing a lot on finding since our teaching pool is very small! We talked to lots of people and we talked to some people that seemed like they might be pretty interested. Im really hoping this week we can find some new investigators. Some that are really prepared. The ward here hast had a baptism in 4 months so we are working on that. We are just struggling a little bit even though we are working hard. Thats OK though cause it will all work out. We did, however have a great experience last week while teaching Jancel. We taught here last Tuesday with some of her friends the Decena Family. Brother Julius Decena and his wife sat in with us, The are both Returned Missionaries and just got married 2 weeks ago. Brother Noel was also working with us, he just got back from his mission about 4 weeks ago and sister Tin tin another returned missionary worked with us. It was a great discussion! We taught the restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith and they all shared their testimony with Jancel, then we invited her to be baptized this may.

Our area here in Pasay 5th ward is pretty small but I really like that. We work in the same small area every day and we are still exploring and finding more areas to work. Its also nice that our area is small cause we can go from one side to the other in a matter of minutes. We see the same people too everyday! We have made a lot of friends in our area they just haven't let us teach them yet. The work is going good though! Im really excited to see what happens in our area in the next few weeks and next few months. 

Just last Wednesday we had transfers. Elder Bernard left and went to back to Palawan. This time though he is assigned in Puerto Princessa. My new companion is Elder Streeter. He is an american. He is my first American companion.  He is still new in the mission but he is doing well. I think him and I will work good together.

Have a great week everyone! Miss and Love you all!

Elder Jones

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