Monday, September 8, 2014

Kumusta pamilya! Or should I say hello family.The MTC here is amazing it is so nice. Our schedule everyday is jam packed with tons of classes and study time. I hardly have time to think some times. For one of our training exercises we have to teach a progressing investigator which is crazy. Its not so much the teaching part thats hard its the fact that the investigator speaks very little english and we have to communicate in tagalog. It helps us a lot to learn the language. My companion and I are doing good in the lessons we just finished teaching our first investigator yesterday and we have already been assigned 2 newnvestigators.
So our flight over here was super long but luckily we had plenty of time to sleep. I met up with Elder Ashton and Elder Beagley in Salt lake city and then in portland we met up with Elder Boshard who is my companion, Elder Thacker sho looke EXACTLY like Stephen, Elder dunford, Bowers, and Gibson. We all flew from portland to tokuo then to Manila. The planes we flew on had tvs in the back of the seats and it kinda stunk cause we couldnt watch tv. We got to manila super late beacuse our flight got delayed in tokyo because of rain. we then went to this super fancy hotel in Manila and the next morning went to the MTC. The driving here is absolutley insane there are zero traffic laws everyone honks their horn to tell you they are comng and people cut eachother off all the time the buses here just weave in and out of traffic and people walk through the streets while we are driving. its crazy. we also had to go to the immigration center to finish our visas and I thought we were going to die because how insane the driving is around here. the city is also crazy there is a really nice part ansd then also a part that is really run down with tons of homeless people and its also super dirty but that makes up the majority of the city. The other day one of our kasamas got really sick and we all gave him a blessing in our room. Within a couple hours he was back to normal. There are 6 of us in our room 2 elders from samoa and 4 of us from the states. There are a bunch of philipino elders here some from tonga samoa one from new zealand how is like 6 feet 6 inches and probably weighs 350 pounds and not beacuse hes fat but beacuse hes so strong. The other day he picked up and elder with one arm it was crazy. By the way his name is elder hapi and he is massive. today we had the chance to go to the temple and do a session as a district the manila temple is amazing and theres an underground tunnel connecting the MTC to the temple. Theres a really busy street that seperates the 2. It rains everyday here and it is actually raining right now. The humudity is crazy. it is so humid and so strong. Oh and i havent sent and photos because there is no wifi here. the MTC rules are so strict. Every Friday is our p day and we still have to wear church clothes all day and we still have classes. not much of a p day. The food here is really good we have had rice for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday except for maybe 4 meals. so ya we eat a lot of rice. even on our p days we only have an hour to email which isnt much time at all considering how much happens in one week. We had a really good devotional the other day and our speaker said "Faith and Fear cannot exhist in our hearts at the same time." So remember you either have faith or you are afraid. I have so much more to say but i dont have much time left. Its 10:48 here so its about 8:48 at night back home.
Sorry this letter is so unorganized i just have so much to tell you and not enough time so im just writing whatever pops into my head.
LOVE YOU ALL!!! I will write you again next friday about the same time.

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