Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kumusta Pamilya!
How are things going back at home!?
Thingsare great here! we leave the MTC here in the next couple days and go out into the field. Im really excited especially after going proselyting in Manila the other day. My companion and me went proselyting with another Elder named Elder Belnap  who leaves to go home the day we leave the MTC. It was sooo fun! We left a church building in Manila and walked for about 20 minutes over to an area where him and his companion are teaching! Let me tell you there is a very distinct smell in Manila every 10 to 20 feet its crazy and usually its not a pleasant smell! There are also people all over the place and traffic is crazy. We just walk in between moving traffic to get across the street so cars literally pass us just a foot away or so. They honk to let you know they are coming but it is so busy. There is also trash every where. There was a corner where a building was knocked over and there were still three walls but the entire things was  filled with trash. Im pretty sure thats where a bunch of people just take their trash each week! Our first lesson was with a family whose parents are members but arent active. The dad is a drug addict and the mother supports the family. When we got there the dad was sleeping and the two little boys had just gotten home from school. The mother has been going to church with the boys but the father doesnt go. The two boys, one is 9 and the other is 10, are getting baptized this weekend so we taugh them about reading the Aklat Ni Mormon ( Book of Mormon) and Panalangin (prayer). We went to two lessons after that who werent home but our last lesson was with a recent convert and we taught her about reading the Aklat Ni Mormon, Ang Plano Ng Kaligtasan (The Plan of Salvation) and Ikapu (Tithing). We just reviewed the  Aklat Ni Mormon, Ang Plano Ng Kaligtasan but actually taught her about Ikapu. It was a really goo lesson! Im soooo excited to enter the field this next week Manila is such an amazing place. During our sveral hours of proselyting we also ran into about 7 new converts. In the past several months there has been over 12 new converts just in one area from these two Elders! Its soo cool to see how the church is growing here. The people in Manila also love the elders one person yelled Gwapo from a jeepme which means handsome while he was pointing at us elders.
After Proselyting we all jumped in the cars and left to the MTC and it took us 4 hours to get back because of the rain. It started raining and within 20 minutes there was about 2 feet of water in some areas so even though we were 45 minutes away from the MTC it took us 4 hours to get home. And ya motorcycles in the rain the philippines has a solution!! A PONCHO!! HAHA! People still ride their motorcycles here in the rain they just put a poncho on. Same with riding a bike.
This week has been great Ive been learning a lot and we are starting to get ready to leave the MTC. We finished a bunch of our classes so now we just have hours of study time everyday and our lessons have gotten really good! We teach almost 100% of our lessons in taglish not quite tagalog but we are getting there! All of our investigators have been coming to church and Adam has a baptismal date! Remember this is all just practice not yet the real thing!
Our district is awesome all of us are really close and we joke around and tease eachother as well! Dont worry we always get our work done! We have two sisters from Australia, and a couple from Samoa Tonga, and one from Hawaii. Most of the Elders are from the states but one is from Samoa and one is from Tonga its so cool we are all really good friends. Our teachers are also really cool. Our teachers are Brother Alcibor and Sister Baraquiel. Both of them are from the Philippines of course and they are so funny they make class so enjoyable even thoug its the same thing over and over and over again! Thers so much that happens in a week that I dont even know waht all to say.
So the sentence structure here in the philippines is V A O L. Verb Actor ObjectLocation. So the verb is the first thing in each sentence and depending on whether you are focusing on the Actor Object or Location the sentence structure changes which also means you have to use different conjugations. So there is the root word and to make it past present or future there are diffierent conjugations but there are differnet conjugationsfor each sentence structure and they can only be used on certain verb roots. I hope thats makes sense.
So sorry for all the misspellings but this language is really messing with my spelling since some words have about 5 a's in them even though there are only 8 letters total.
Im having so much fun here and cant wait to enter the field we got to go to the temple again today which was awesome. I have so many experiences and oh ya we drove by a Lomborghini dealership where there was also a Porsche, Bently, Masarrati, BMW and Audi dealership right by it! It was so cool! We also saw a Mcclaren the other day on the road it was the one we saw at the race track.
I will talk to you all again next week!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! BYE!!

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