Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Good afternoon,

This week we had another great week. We taught a bunch of lessons again and we have several people who are progressing so well. One of our investigators named Merryjoy is family with a Recent Convert here. While talking to her this week I learned that she lived in my old area. How weird is that? She lived in my old area in a place where we passed almost everyday and now she is here in Coron and she is doing so well. She reads everyday, Prays and she says she feels its true. We see her reading all the time and she will be baptized this coming may 23. Another Investigator of ours is actually a young boy who all his family are members. His older Sister works with us almost everyday and they are active in the church. Because the church hasn't been here for very long they didn't know that he could be baptized at 8. They are also converts. So we have been teaching him and the other day when we went to teach him he told us" Elders I didn't get to read the Book Of Mormon yet." It was really cool because we cold tell by that that it was important to him. When we teach him we also have to simplify things a lot because he is so young but he understands are remembers it. He understands the restoration, Praying, the word of wisdom, and everything else we have taught him. Its so cool to see even though he is 8 he understands everything we are teaching him so well. 
So today we had our district activity and we went Island hopping. Since here in Palawan there are over 100 islands its a huge tourist activity. So today we went with one of the families in the branch and the Senior couple here. We went to two islands and we left at 8:30 this morning and just got back about an hour ago. It was super amazing, really fun, and the things we saw were amazing. I will send you some pictures next time but we came from the boat straight to the internet shop. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week!!! Cant wait to skype with you all! BYE Love you!!
Elder Jones

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