Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hey everyone

Yesterday my companion and I had a great experience at church. First of all we went and picked up one of our investigators,Rodrick, on our way to church. Rodrick came to church with us which was great, then while sitting in sacrament meeting another one of our investigators randomly showed up. We talked to Roland several days ago on the street and asked him if we could teach him. He said yes and let us in his house to share a short message with him. After sharing our short message with him we invited him to church. The church is kinda far from his house and he has never been there before so we weren't to sure if he would make it, but yesterday while sitting in sacrament meeting he showed up. He was all alone and he had to find the church by his self but he did it. He was a little late but he was there. We have only taught him once so far and we have a return appointment this Tuesday.

We dont yet have any upcoming baptisms this month but hopefully next month and the month after that we will have a couple. We are still currently teaching Abygail. She is progressing well and she attended church again yesterday. Her baptismal date is July 9 and she is progressing well towards that day. We still have a lot that we need to teach her in a short period of time but we should be able to pull it off. We are also still teaching Jancel's Brother Axl. He is doing OK too but yesterday he wasnt at church cause he was sleeping so that kinda stunk. Hopefully he will be at church next week especially since he has a baptismal goal as well for this upcoming July 30. We have several other investigators that we are teaching who have baptismal dates for this upcoming August and some of them are doing well and are progressing. Some of them are progressing slowly but hopefully over the next few month period they will be ready for baptism. Right now things are going good. We have a lot of work to do but its coming along well. 

Love and Miss you all

Elder Jones

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