Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Family!

So you have all heard about the storm headed this way. It hasn't hit yet it has actually slowed down and is suppose to hit later today. We can tell the storm is approaching. There is a large mass of clouds approaching our area and it has been getting closer and closer as the day has went on. The winds have been picking up and its starting to rain here right now. Our area floods very easily so after the storm there might still be a lot of water but our apartment is on the top floor. We have to return to our apartment when the rain picks up but our apartment is really close to the internet shop we are in. 

This week here in our area has been pretty good. It was a little bit more challenging cause Investigators have been busy or gone so we didn't have as many lessons as the past weeks but we took the opportunity we had with more time and tried to OYM. We found several new investigators and many potential investigators. Several weeks ago we were trying to find someone who we had OYMed several weeks earlier and we stopped by a shop and asked if they knew the person we were looking for. Here in Manila there are small shops all over the place that people run our of their homes to make some extra money. The people we talked to several weeks earlier were at the little store they owned. We weren't having much success the other night so I suggested to my companion that we go back and visit that same shop from a couple weeks ago. We both had wished we OYMed them several weeks ago but we were in a hurry. We didn't want to go to this store just to OYM the owner so we ended up buying a drink from them and then turned it into a discussion. There was a Mother and 4 of her daughters all outside talking. Her husband was at work but we just talked for a little then gave them a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. We established a good friendship with them in just a few minutes and they seemed interested. We asked if we could come back and visit and they said we could. We haven't went back yet but we will later this week. We had many other OYMing experiences this week that were really good. In our area there is a member who has been less active for about 14 years and he now has 7 kids. He and his entire family are very nice and he wants to return to church as well as have his kids hear about the gospel. We taught them all about the restoration last night and his younger kids love it when we come by. They call us Kuya which means older brother. It was great to teach them and I feel like they were really interested. 

I love you all and will talk to you all again next week.
-Elder Jones

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