Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello Jones Family

Tama yan Taylor Lahat ng tao dito sa mundo ay anak ng diyos. Siya'y ating ama at Mahal na mahal niya tayo at gayundin kilalang kilala niya tayo. Sige so translate that for me Taylor! Thats aweome that you learned "Ako ay anak ng diyos" So P-day namin got changed galing kahapon to ngayon. So thats why Im E mailing now. We had a Temple day today so they changed our schedule around so we had the temple this morning tapos P-Day sa Hapon. Pero aming temple time got changed. We got all ready this morning left to the temple, we rode the LRT which I told you guys before how crowded it is. We rode it para mga 35 mga minuto tapos we had to get on another one which was another 30 minutes. So our session started at 12 and we got there at about 11:20 but then the temple workers told us we would have to have our session at 2. So we just went out to eat and it was cool to see the MTC again. So we had our session at 2 then we hurried home with some of the other missionaries in our district we didnt get back to our area until 6 so we are E mailing now and its late! Opo Alam ko hindi mabuti. This week has been so great we have had so much activity in this area and we have several baptismal dates coming up. My Tagalog is improving but the conjugation sa wika na ita ay mejo mahirap pero ok long. Sinabi Ni President Ostler "For those learning Tagalog it takes about 6 months to really become effective." Pero Im really starting to understand what people are saying I just need to widen my vocabulary. So Its already December which is soo crazy! I probably wont be getting transferred from this area until at least the middle of February. So I still have almost 2 full transferres left here, or so I'm guessing. When I first got out into the field the culture was a shock but I'm use to it already. I got use to normal day life and the culture really fast! It is really different here, of course, but its so cool. Ill send some pictures next week I forgot my camera cord in our apartment. Mom turned another year older on Thanksgiving day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU!!

Sorry this E mail is short but we are really short on time because of the temple and the session change. Oh another thing we also saw a monkey today when we were walking to the LRT. Which was really surprising cause we are in the center of a bunch of homes and businesses where its super crowded. 

I LOVE YOU ALL have a great week and I will talk to you next week!!! 

-Elder Jones

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