Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello again!

Well I can honestly say this week flew by. Its so crazy how it feels like just yesterday we were sitting in the computer lab. Anyway this week was really great. The work is really picking up in our area. We were so busy. On Wednesday we handed out all of our Book or Mormons and then had another lesson and we didn't have one to give. We went to see how Brother Ed was doing and he had a friend over. Brother Ed is a very strong member who was baptized several years ago. He really wanted us to share our message with his friend so we did. His friend is hard to teach cause he likes to talk and talk and talk so it was kinda difficult but that's OK we were able to share with him the lesson about the plan of salvation. After the lesson was the really unexpected part. Brother Ed started telling him you need to really and pray about the message this elders have just shared with you cause it will change your life. He was pretty stern with his friend and very bold we would have never done that as missionaries. Brother Ed then said you know these elders are sacrificing for you and Jesus Christ also sacrificed for you so you can at least pray and read the Book of Mormon. My companion and I just sat there. We didn't no what to do cause they were both just talking but very sternly. It was crazy. We didn't have a Book of Mormon so we dropped one off at Brother Ed's the next day. When we left Brother Ed's home my companion and I just looked at each-other and couldn't believe what had just happened. We have had many lessons this week and each day has been full of teaching appointments. Our mission president also wants everyone to OYM more so we have been working hard to do that. We have found several new investigators through OYM. We met a man named Brother Dennis the other day who is extremely nice and was very interested. He said at the end of the lesson that he believes the things that we taught him. The only problem is he leaves on December 1 to work on a cargo ship for 9 months. That really stunk when he told us that cause he is so interested and has been praying and he wants to read the Book of Mormon. He also told us he wants us to teach him and his wife together so we are going back tomorrow and we are going to try to teach him as much as possible before he leaves. 

We had exchanges on Saturday and Elder Viavia from Samoa came to our area and worked with me, so I led the area that day. It was my first time leading the area and I learned a lot cause I had to take the first step in teaching, talking with investigators and I had to make the decisions on where to go. It was great Elder Viavia and I worked really well together and I feel like my Tagalog really improved because of the opportunities I had. We didn't have a lot of lesson with investigators because it was Saturday and they were all busy or not home. We had to lessons with investigators but we had 5 RCLA (Recent Convert or Less Active). It was great on Sunday almost all the members who are less active that Elder Viavia and I visited were at church. 

This week has been great and the work is really picking up. I'm looking forward to another great week.
I love you all!
-Elder Jones

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