Monday, November 10, 2014


So last week I just got to shake Elder Oaks hand he had to shake the entire stakes hand so he wasn't able to talk to each and everyone of us. He talked about his purpose as an apostle and also a little about missionary work it was great. The power wasn't working so there was no air conditioning so it was very hot in the chapel. I think I told you about the electricity going out over and over again. There wasn't a storm here in our area. we haven't had a really bad storm here yet but when it rains it floods very easily in our area. If it rains really hard and floods we cant go out proselyting. That thankfully hasn't happened yet. Its good to hear about what you all are doing. I would really like to talk but we are so busy. You know missionary life. 

So this week we had some great lessons. We had 8 investigators at church this week which is good but we can do better. We are going to try this week to really find a lot of new investigators. We have many now but it would be so cool to have more. We had one day this week that was just full of lessons. We have one investigator named Medina and she lives right by a member. They all live in this building with probably around 8 different families living in it. Each room that a family lives in is about 10 feet by 10 feet or smaller. Its crazy. But it makes it perfect for teaching and being able to feel the spirit. Anyway we taught sister Medina several weeks ago as well as her husband and invited them to be baptized if she comes to know that its true. She seemed really hesitant because she is catholic. So we went back this week and ended up meeting someone else who lives in that same building. Her name is Jonnalynn. He taught Jonnalynn and sister Medina joined us to hear about the restoration again. We asked her if she had read and prayed and she said she had. She told us a story about the member who lives in that same building, Sister Kipkipan, who kept inviting someone to church and sister Medina said she keeps getting an answer of the name of that individual who sister kikipan invited to church. So I think who knows its true along with my companion but we don't think she knows it yet. So we went back again just a few days ago to teach sister Median and Jonnalynn. Then again sister Medina invited another one of her friends in that same building to come listen to our message. So we have 3 investigators all in the same building its crazy. Sister Medina is reading and praying, sister Jonnalynn is reading but we invited her again to pray, and the other sister came to church yesterday so hopefully we can continue to meet with all 3 of them. And sister Medinas husband actually seemed interested when he heard our message again. After the last message Sister Median said she could actually understand everything I said compared to the first lesson with her when she could only understand some. Learning Tagalog is so fun and they say it takes about 6 months to learn. 

I'm having a lot of fun and just love teaching the people here. Even though I'm not very good at it yet. Everyday I have tons of kids around me cause I'm white but when I speak Tagalog they flock to me and ask me a million questions. I always give them pass along cards with the picture of Jesus Christ to them.

Well until next week. I love you all and will talk to you next week! Have a great week!
-Elder Jones

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