Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello all!

Its good to hear about how you guys are doing back home. I hope your doing good Rylee just be careful. So here its just sobrang mainit sa araw-araw. Its never cold. Hearing about the weather back at home makes me miss the cold but thats ok. We dont have air conditioning we just have fans that we use to stay cool. So today has been so busy because we had a zone activity today, my first one. It was fun we just played a bunch of games. We have a zone activity every quarter so my next one wont be for about another 3 months. After the zone activity we had to quickly go shop and now we are at the computer store and right after this we will go out proselyting for the rest of the day.

So this week was good. We have been trying to OYM a lot to find new investigators but its so hard sometimes. We have talked to so many people but haven't got many new investigators. We have a lot of investigators right now but its difficult when people don't keep commitments. We just try our best and work with them to help them keep their commitments. But on the other hand we have a lot of investigators who are keeping their commitments. This last Saturday Jumong Zablan was baptized. He is only 8 years old but we have been working with him for a while. His older siblings have all been baptized already but when I first go here he wasn't interested at all. He didn't like listening to me cause he had a hard time understanding me. But as my Tagalog has improved so has the friendship me and him have. Just a few weeks ago he really began to show an interest in our message. He started praying and he reads the Book Of Mormon but its hard for him to understand. So now he is always excited to see us and always talks with me about basketball since he loves it. Him and his younger sister are always yelling Elder Jones Elder Jones when they see us walking down the street. He always wants to pray in the lessons and he has learned a lot. Its so cool how his attitude has changed in the past several weeks. Last week he was counting down the days till his baptism. It was cool he was in the font just seconds before his baptism with his grandpa and looks up at he and just gave me a huge smile. That was such a cool experience I felt so good. Just yesterday I was standing with all the other missionaries greeting people as they walked in and Jumong comes and stands right by me and does the same exact thing I was doing and looks up at me and says "Im a missionary" 

Mahal ko kayo
-Elder Jones

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