Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello Family!!! 

So currently I'm serving In the Manila West Zone In the Sta Cruz Ward!! Our area floods really easily so after it rains a lot of the streets are usually under several feet of water! Its really cool yesterday I met Elder Dallin H. Oaks. He was at our church building for a special session. There was so many people there and we went through the crowd and shook everyone's hand. His talk along with the others who spoke were amazing and it was kinda funny the light kept going out and the microphone stopped working. So over and over again they continued to fix it but the power just kept going out. So Elder Oaks went and stood down in the middle of the crowd and gave his talk in a very loud voice in order for every one to hear. He kept going back and forth between the microphone when it was working and the middle of the crowd when it wasn't. He said that we was getting is exercise for the day.

We are having some pretty good success right now! We have several actually many investigators. One family the Factor Family the Grandmother is an active member but her grand-kids are not members so we have been teaching them. They are always so interested in our message and love it when we come by they get so excited. They have been reading the Book Of Mormon and are really excited to go to church! Its so cool when we teach them we have to leave the door open because of missionary rules with the oldest male only being 14 in the lessons. But at the end of each lesson there is always a crowd of kids that has gathered together in the small home and at the door listening to us share our message. There are usually about 15 kids in total. We have many other investigators. We really learn a lot about the scriptures and gospel very fast since we study for several hours everyday and then spend all day sharing what we know. We are constantly learning more and more and our testimonies are always being strengthened. There are a lot of spiritual experiences that I want to share but I don't have enough time to do so. we are only allowed a short period of time to E mail. As I read the Book of Mormon each day I learn so much so just continue to read the book of Mormon and always have something with you to highlight scriptures you like. 

We have not had any other dinner appointments they are extremely rare in this area. I have gotten to eat some food here though like Suman, Pancit, and bihon. All of which are really good! I have not eaten anything like dog or balute because we are not allowed to eat balute but I'm not sure about dog. The picture is of me eating Suman, and also Pancit. But they don't feed it to missionaries here very often.But we have FHE with many of our investigators and less active families. We usually are fed after the FHE but its so fun to get together and have FHE with people especially since not many of them understand the importance of it! We are trying to help them understand and have FHE every week. The picture I sent it us with the Gudio Family. They are less active but are at church every once in a while not very often but they came to church yesterday which was great!

Well we have to go now!!  I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!! Im sorry that I cant share more. I would like to tell you everything but it just isnt possible. I do write in my journal almost daily so I have many of my experiences in there! 

-Elder Jones

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