Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello Jones Family!!

How are all you guys doing? This week has been really cool but also super difficult. This week was super hard to teach for some reason. We just kept visiting people and they weren't home, or they were sleeping or something. People here sleep at 1 to 3 because its so hot outside so its pretty normal. We had some amazing lessons though this week. This week we went back to meet with Richard, Jhong, and Marvin. When we got there Jhong invited his brother Danilo to come and listen to us there was also a girl named Bibi that was there. We met with Jhong, Richard, and Marvin last week and taught them about the restoration. Before we started teaching Jhong started to explain the restoration to his brother. It was super cool! Just shortly after we started Danilo stopped us to tell me I was good at Tagalog! It was super funny cause Im not that good but it means he could understand what I was saying. We proceeded with the Restoration and they had tons of questions, comments, and stories. It was absolutely crazy how amazing it was. The spirirt was so strong and they were all so interested. We gave them book of Mormons or is Tagalog Aklat ni Mormon. We invited them to ready, pray, and go to church. They all expressed that they were super interested and how they wanted to learn they things that we had shared with them. When we asked them if they would go to church Richard points at them all and says "Magsimba tayo" several times. Magsimba is go to church and tayo is we or us. Yesterday Jhong and Richard came to church. Marvin Bibi and Danilo had to work and to do some other things. Which stunk but having Richard and Jhong there was great. We stopped at their house to see if they were going and they said they would then Richard, who is a jeepney driver, drove us all over to the church in his jeepney! It was super cool. Every single one of them is so interested, very nice and wants to find out for them selves. Im just hoping it will lead them to action because in order to know we have to act. Every time we go by there are always like Elders Elders . Marvin had to leave before we finished the lesson and so did Bibi which stunk but we invited Jhong, Danilo, and Richard to be baptized if they can to know it was true and they all said yes without hesitation. By far they best experience and strongest spirit I have ever felt and experience in any one lesson!! AMAZING! The other day while waiting to go meet with some less active members we walked around looking for people to talk to. We walked down a small road outlet that goes to a dead end. It was dark and there were to people sitting on chairs in front of a stand where people sell food for extra money. There was a girl and a boy a husband and wife. The girl said to us "Hello Elders" I had never seen here before and didn't know who she was. She told us she was a member but inactive and hadn't been to church for a very long time. Her husband wasn't a member so we st down and talked to them. We ended up going back yesterday and teaching him. Him is very humble and said they would go to church next week. She hasn't been to church for a long time but I think us teaching her husband trigger a spark because she offered to give the opening prayer and was super happy to have us there. It was super cool. Its crazy how the holy ghost leads us to people. This road is super short and we knew it went to a dead end but we felt like we should go that way! And we found them! 

I love you all and I will talk to you next week!!! 

Love Elder Jones 

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