Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Jones Family

So this week was pretty incredible especially yesterday. Yesterday at church we had 12 investigators again and the branch hit a record for church attendance. The record here since this branch has been here was 110 until yesterday when 116 people came to church! It was so amazing and it was very crowded. On Saturday we also had a half day mission where members and missionaries went out for an hour and a half to talk to people. In that short period of time we talked to tons of people and we now at the beginning of this week have 22 referrals to contact. It was a great activity and the branch is really becoming stronger and stronger everyday!

We are teaching a small young family named the Dizen family. There is brother Joey and Sister Lenny and their 2 kids Mischel and Apriline. We are also teaching Sister Dizen's Mother and her other Daughter Dona. Dona's husband is brother Harold and his mother is actually a member. Yesterday they all came to church. Mischel and Apriline have come before so right after sacrament Aprilinr went straight to class and Mischel has a lot of friends now. They all stayed for all 3 hours of church and it was a great experience. They have been reading their book of Mormon and Mischel told us several times now that she feels it is true. I really believe that this family will be baptized and add some great new strength to the branch. 

Love you all! Have a great week! Bye!

Elder Jones

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