Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey family!!! 

Ya sorry about last week it was super crazy! My companion got called to train in Coron so I'm now back in the mainland! I'm here in Sampaloc and its literally right by my first area. My first apartment is actually in our area Right now. Leaving Coron was super hard for me. All of our investigators had baptisms coming up with in the next few weeks and I was there since the time we taught them the first lesson. 

Before I transferred we went to visit some of our investigators. We of course went to the Camacho family and when I told them I was leaving sister Camacho said "Well I don't want to get baptized now you have to be here" I just told them that whether Im there or not baptism is more important we shared one last message with them and took pictures and left. It was really hard to say goodbye to Sister Camacho, Troy, Rolelyn, Rosalinda, and Jomel and also all the little kids including my favorite RR. We then said bye to the group of teenagers we have been teaching. The first one we started teaching Dexter has changed so much. He explained how he grew up in a broken family and other things in previous lessons and now he is striving super hard to keep all the commandments. Its so amazing how much we saw him change from day 1 to the time I left! We also took pictures with all them and taught. While walking away for the last time the all called out Elder and when we looked back they were all standing there waving at us!! I guess its not Coron that I miss so much but the people! I had so many good experiences there. learned a lot, taught some amazing people and saw the gospel change their lives! When me and another Elder were sitting on the plane as it took off I couldn't stop thinking about them as I slowly watched Coron disappear! 

Everything is great my new companion is Elder Espano and he goes home in 3 months so I might be his last companion. Love you all sorry about last week! Have a great week and stay safe!!! 

Love Elder Jones

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