Monday, August 31, 2015

This week has been great so far we had a couple of really good
experiences. One of our investigators that we taught yesterday after
church is an 18 year old boy named Edon. He is super great and he
always comes to church and does the things we invite him to do.
yesterday he opened up to us and explained that he really wants to
know if it is true and he wants to get baptized and received the
gospel in his life but her has many doubts still. But he told us that
he loves the church and all the people there and we wants the
happiness and the gospel in his life like everyone else at the church.
But he doesn't feel as if he has received his answer yet. As he was
telling us this he began to cry because he really wants to have the
gospel in his life but feels like there are things holding him back.
when he was talking I realized how lucky I was to have be born into
the gospel and have it in my life. And I also really felt the desire
to help him receive his answer. This coming Sunday he is going to fast
to receive his answer and we as well as to other members will be
fasting with him. I'm super excited for him! We also had a great OYM
experience. While walking down the street there was a guy sitting down
just as we passed him so we stopped at talked to him. He told us he
has been looking for the truth for some time and has been going to
very many different churches. We Immediately set an appointment and
taught him the next day. We taught him the restoration gave him a Book
of Mormon and everything that we taught him caught his attention
especially about Prophets and Apostles. He said the true church has to
have Prophets and Apostles. Then he told us he had a goal to find the
truth before the end of this year before 2016. It was such a miracle
and amazing experience. I'm confident that he will read, pray and
attend church.

Everything is great here. I had some fun here in the Internet shop
while Emailing. There was a bunch of kids here and one of them saw my
name tag and said Elder. So I answered. They were kind of surprised
that I spoke Tagalog so they starting quizzing me asking how many
fingers I have in Tagalog and how many hands. I answered correctly so
they were all giving me hi fives and saying "ang galing mo Kuya" which
is like your great and Kuya is a word for older brother with respect.
It was pretty cool. So they are all calling me Kuya now.

The work here is great right now. We are finding new investigators who
have a very sincere desire and many of our investigators are doing
great and with in the next month we will have several baptisms.
Mahal ko kayo lahat. Mag-ingat po kayo

Elder Jones

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