Monday, August 17, 2015

So this week we had a good week. We had a zone conference last Tuesday which was great. I saw some of the missionaries who are in my old area. They made some changes there. My first district use to be 6 missionaries and 3 areas but now its only 4 missionaries and 2 areas. My first area got split and added onto the other 2 areas since the number of missionaries is going down right now. I talked with Elder Bell and Elder Packard who are both in Sta Cruz. Elder Packard and his companion have the upper part of my first area and Elder Bell and his companion have the lower part. They both tell me that all the kids there call them Elder Jones. Since I was still learning Tagalog there I spoke with all the kids and they all still remember me. That was pretty cool to hear but the best part was Sister Exyl (If you remember from my letters before) Is getting baptized soon and her husband Brother Jared is now super active in the church. They never miss church and they are always reading and praying. That was so cool to hear. My first companion and I started teaching her and Brother Jared was super inactive at then but now all of them or on the right path including brother Jared's two Kids. 

In our area we dont have a ton of investigators but we are split between 2 wards so the work here is a little different. One of our investigators that we are curently teaching is the Benedicto Family. Brother Benedicto is a large guy but extremly kind, caring, sincere and loves his family. He is currenty working to quit his habit of smoking and he is doing great. He really wants to quit. His wife is very nive as well and their family is amazing. They love to have us over and they read and pray. The only problem right now is sometimes they come to church. We are going to invite them to be baptized or re-extend a baptismal invitation. I think this September they will be baptized an entire family being baptized! Im very excited for that. Then at the end of October there second child turns 8 and can be baptized shortly after the parents and the oldest boy. 

Everything right now is great. Im getting the hang of the new area and we have some great investigators that we are teaching in our area. 
I miss you all! Have a great week! Love you!

Elder Jones

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