Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey family

This week was good we were super busy! We didn't have a ton of lessons but every lesson that we had was great. We have several investigators that are doing great the only problem is church attendance. One of our investigators was suppose to be baptized on September 12 but for some reason they weren't at church yesterday. We don't know why yet. So we will have to re extent a baptismal goal. This investigator tho is great! She is always reading and praying and so far is meeting all the requirements for baptism besides church as of now anyway since she usually is at church. Any way I'm sure she will be baptized in the future. I was actually thinking that this would be better for her since her mom and dad have baptismal goals in October. Her parents aren't yet married and her mother knows that it is true and we just started teaching the father. We invited them to be baptized on October 17. Another family that we are teaching is also doing great. I'm sure I mentioned the Benedicto family last week but they are still doing great. They are very sincere and they are really working on living the Word of Wisdom. They aren't buying or drinking coffee anymore and brother is really trying to stop smoking. We invited them and their 9 year old son to be baptized on October 3 and they all accepted. We also found out that their 7 year old son turns 8 in October as well so our goal is to have Brother Benedicto baptize him shortly after his own baptism. I'm really excited for this family and I cant wait to see them get baptized! We have also been trying to find a lot since we need more investigators but sometimes finding is the hardest part. Things are going great here tho and Im really looking forward to the several baptisms we will be having in the next few months. 

Love you all!! 

Elder Jones

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