Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey Family

My new area is right by my first area and yes my companion works hard. The work here is a little different since we cover 2 wards. The Sampaloc Ward and the YSA Ward. So we go to church twice every Sunday and usually don't work very much. The institute is also here so we spend some time in the institute teaching non members who are there. So we don't spend all our time in our area. Because we cover two wards and also are in the institute the work here is a little different but its still missionary work. 

We have a family that we are teaching in our area who is super great. There is the Father, the Mother and they have 3 kids. Their last name is Benedicto. They are super kind, and sincere. There are also very committed to listening to us and have been keeping their commitments. This week when we walked in to their home to share with the we noticed a couple of cigarettes sitting on a shelf. We decided at the last second to teach the word of wisdom to them. It was so amazing the way this family listened to what we were saying and they were very involved in the lesson. We talked about blessings of the word of wisdom and things we should and should not use or eat. Both Brother and Sister committed to live it and Sister Benedicto looked so happy when her husband said that he will live the word of wisdom. Its so great to see the gospel slowly changing this families life and I cant wait to see them baptized!

Elder Jones

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