Monday, January 11, 2016

Staying in Quezon

Hello Family

Well we just got a call from the Zone leaders about 30 minutes ago for transfers and Im NOT transferring I have at least one transfer here and Im super happy and excited about it!!! We have some amazing things happening in our area right now. We have several great amazing investigators and also many investigators with baptismal dates for February 20th. The first one is Yana. Yana is 16 years old and we met her because she was attending seminary at the church and her next door neighbor is Joy, the seminary teacher here. We started teaching her about 3 weeks ago but after the first lesson she went on vacation and just came back last week. Joy gave her a preach my gospel, the gospel principles book and some Liahona magazines for her to read while she was on vacation. Yana read them all and now she asks us more deep doctrinal questions. She has a testimony though and she has been praying about it and she really feels that it is true. She also attended our coordination meeting last night. The next investigator who we have is Jullisa. Jullisa was a referral from her friend Renya Medioro. Jullisa is also very active in seminary and church like Yana. They both have baptismal dates for February 20th. The next two are JR and Nelson who are cousins and they are also Jesabel's cousins. They noticed that Jesabel changed when we taught her so they wanted us to teach them. JR is 13 and Nelson is 14 and they are very receptive and they have a great support system from Jesabel, Camille, and Jesabel's mom Clara. The only problem JR and Nelsom have is they are very shy and they both have Word of Wisdom problems that we need to help them overcome. But they are willing and want to change and they accepted our baptismal invitation for February 20th. We have several other investigators that have baptismal dates for February 20th but these 4 are very potential. This week we also had several new investigators. We oymed a lady named Sister Rosemary last Monday and the told us to visit them on Saturday so we did. We didnt have another male working with us so we taught them outside sitting on a bridge over the ocean that goes to their house. They seem very interested and they know lots of members.

Yesterday in church the Branch presidency reorganized the youth leadership positions. Jesabel and Camille both got callings which was awesome. Jesabel is the new Laurel president and Camille is the new Beehive President. It was cool to see them get callings so fast! The work here has been amazing and Im really looking forward to another transfer here!! I will talk to you all next week! Love you all! BYE!!

Elder Jones

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