Monday, January 25, 2016

Good afternoon everyone

Well we had another amazing week. We taught a total of 29 lessons and 13 of our investigators went to church yesterday! It was an amazing week. We had some very cool experiences as week including one with our new investigators Vergie Kordero. Last week she attended church and she came with a member. The member introduced her to us and we asked if we could teach her. She lives in a place called panitian which is about 35 minutes away from the main town of Quezon. She is 33 years old and has 3 kids. While talking with her she told us that her husband had left her and she never finished school so she decided to go back to school. I believe she is in 10th grade right now. That was a very humbling experience for my companion and I then we talked to her about how the gospel can bless her live and her families life. Yesterday she attended church again and she brought her kids with her. The oldest is 14 years old and is a Girl the second is a boy who is 8 and the youngest is only 6 years old. We are going to panitian this Wednesday to teach them again. Im very excited to teach them and see their progression in the gospel they also have some great fellow shippers who help them get to church with their trike. 

Another experience that we had was with another one of our investigators named Cany. We teach Cany every Tuesday and she is very interested. She listens very well and also keeps all her commitments. We have tried to teach her husband but hes not very interested but maybe as time goes on he will also be prepared to receive the missionaries. Sister Cany told us that whenever she wants to pray or read the Book Of Mormon and especially when Sunday gets close she has a lot of trials and temptations in her life. We just shared with her how we can overcome those trials through faith and that there is always a way to be obedient to every commandment that we have. She then told us she is looking for a church where she can be for the rest of her life, somewhere where she can continue to grow and also bring her 3 young boys there. She then told us that she feels like this is the church that she has been looking for. It was a very cool discussion and great experience. 

As far as our other investigators are doing they are doing great. Yesterday JR and Nelson went to church and their friend Jimboy who we just started teaching last week came with them. Yana was also their and Jullisa. Those two have a for sure baptismal date of February 20th. Cany also went to church and Vergie and her family. It was great to see so many of our investigators go to church and to see so many of them progressing. 

Love you all I will talk to you next week! Have a great week everybody! 

Elder Jones

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