Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Magandang Hapon po sa inyo lahat

Well this week was a little different since we had interviews with President Ostler in Puerto Princessa. We had to leave Wednesday afternoon and travel for 3 hours to go to Puerto then our interviews were on Thursday. We didn't get to work again until Friday so we lost 2 days of work. But we were still able to teach many lessons and many or our investigators that have baptismal dates for this February 20th were at church yesterday. 

Yesterday Yana was at church again so now she has been 4 times in a row, Jullisa was also there again so she has now been 5 times in a row, Zember came and also Jimboy. Im pretty sure those 4 will all be baptized this February. They are all doing great. yesterday the one of the senior couples here in Palawan came and visited the branch and of course they spoke and I was chosen to be the translator. It was fun I stood right by them holding a microphone while they spoke and translated everything. The branch though it was funny and they got a kick out of it. I've been here for almost 6 months so everyone in the branch knows me pretty well. 

This Saturday we have a cool activity that we missionaries purposed to the branch President. We are going to watch the movie about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. We are inviting all our investigators, Less active members, Part member families and anyone who wants to attend. Im excited for it since not many members have even seen the Joseph Smith movie. It will be a great testimony builder for lots of people.  

One really cool experience we had this week was with our Investigator Jimboy. We taught him the Word Of Wisdom and he told us that he drinks coffee but thats the only problem her has. We taught him Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Jimboy's mom asked Sister Clara, a member, why coffee is bawal (prohibited of not allowed). Jimboy's mom told sister Clara that Jimboy didn't drink coffee but instead he had hot chocolate. Up until now he still hasn't drinken coffee and it was so cool to see how fast he quit. 

Have a good week everyone! I love and miss you all! 

Elder Jones

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