Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey Jones family

Again we taught many lessons this week and it was amazing. We also had some very awesome experiences that I would like to share with you. As I mentioned last week, we watched the Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration movie last Saturday and it went great.

There were a good amount of people there including some of our investigators. One of our Investigators, Sister Cany, came and I went and talked to her after the movie and she asked me for a copy of it and she was also crying. Cany is one of our amazing investigators who is basically golden. She is very active in church and yesterday she got up and shared her testimony in sacrament meeting. It blew my mind. Our investigator shared her testimony in sacrament. It was so amazing. Cany really wants to be baptized and she wants her family to also go with her to church so she has already been doing missionary work. She also has 3 small young boys. The oldest is 3 or 4 years old and the other 2 are twins about 7 months old. Even though she has her hands full she always finds time to read, pray, go to church and she brings he boys with her most of the time which is so cool. 

We also have 3 investigators who will be interviewed tomorrow for the baptisms. Yna, Jolisa, and Jimboy. They are all about the same age 15 going to be 16 They are all super great They are all active in church and seminary, and they all have testimonies. They are all referrals. We met Yna and Jolisa through their friends that are members here and we met Jimboy through his mom. Its been great to teach them. They are all so receptive and are doing great. Im very excited for their baptisms this February 20th. 

Our area here is also very large and we basically just work in the close parts of our areas. Our new investigators, Sister Vergie and her family who we met at church, live kinda far in a place called Panitian. It is a part of our area that is about 30 minutes away. It doesn't seem far but here in the Philippines that is far especially since we have to take trikes. Last Wednesday we went to Panitian to teach them and we also met some Less Active Members. They told us that they use to have sacrament many years ago in Panitian but for some reason it stopped. My companion and I talked with President Custudio , the Branch President, about having sacrament again in Panitian. He agreed and gave us permission to make arrangements to have sacrament there this Sunday. We are really excited for it especially since we will be able to help more people out in Panitian. 

Well I wish I could tell you everything from this week. We had another great week and the work here is amazing. I love you all and I will talk to you all next week! BYE Love and miss you all!

Elder Jones


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