Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last week was transfer week and as I was expecting I was transferred. I spent 4 transfers or about 6 months in Quezon Palwan and now I am here in Pasay Manila in Pasay 5th ward. My companion is Elder Bernard again. I follow up trained him in Quezon and now him and I are companions again which is crazy. I like being companions with him. He is one of those missionaries who is hard working but he also knows how to have fun at the same time. We are both brand new in the area too. He has only been here for 2 weeks because he was emergency transferred when he replaced a visa waited here in our area. Since both of us are new here we took the map the other day and walked the border of our area so we would both know where our area is. So far we do not have many investigators at all. It will take some time to get things going but we have a big task ahead of us. 

The other day when I arrived at the Mission Office in Buendia I received some very good news. I dot know if you remember the Camacho family from when I was assigned on Coron, or the Dizen family or Dexter Tolentino. Any way one of the elders in the office told me that Sister Camacho and her 2 daughters and 1 of her grandsons was baptized along with Dexter Tolentino and Sister Dizen and her Daughter. It was so cool to hear that. Those were our investigators when I was assigned on Coron who I knew would eventually get baptized and now they have been. It so cool to see how the work we do as missionaries is not just harvesting but also planting and preparing them. 

So far everything is going OK in the new area. Like I mentioned before there is a lot of work to be done and I think that's why Elder Bernard and I are companions again because we already know each other and how to work together. This transfer is also a little different. Because of the change in MTC training this transfer in 8 weeks instead of 6 so we have a lot of time to do some great work here. Miss and love you all!

Elder Jones

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