Monday, March 7, 2016

The work so far here in Pasay has been going good. Last week we had a bunch of new investigators which is what we really needed. We have been focusing on finding since our area didn't have many investigators. We have basically just been walking around talking to people and setting return appointments and trying to teach people on the spot. We have talked to a lot of really cool people but its very difficult here in ?Manila cause it doesnt seem like as many people are interested but we just keep talking to people to find those who are. 

We have several new investigators here that seem really interested. Including a guy named brother lucky who is actually a referral. Last week we went to go vist brother Gilbert who lives in a building called the Park Ave. Mansion. People who are more wealthy live there and its a big building and there are also a bunch of guards at the enterance and they almost didn't let us in. After we did get in though we visited brother Gilbert and his family and he actually had a friend that plays basketball with them all the time at the church so he has a little background and he has a lot of friends that are members including the bishop. Brother Gilbert took us over to brother Lucky and we taught him right on the spot. Brother Gilbert told us that lucky said he is very interested. Im excited to see where this all takes us especially since brother Gilbert has many friends in the Park Ave. mansion who play basketball with him. We are hoping that over time we will be teaching many of his friends over there! 

Thank you all! Love and miss you all! 

Elder Jones

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