Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Musta po sa inyo lahat

This week Elder Bernard had a very cool OYMing/ finding experience. One day, after being punted time and time again, we went to visit one of our new investigators but unfortunately he wasn't home. He lives in a large apartment complex where it can also be very hard to find investigators. Across the hallway was another apartment and the door was wide open and the guy was inside cleaning. We asked him where our investigator had went and we told him that we was gone but should be back later. After talking to him for just a short period of time we introduced ourselves and the message we carry. We asked him if we could share with him and he said he had to go somewhere soon. We asked him again if we could share for just 10 minutes and he immediately told us to come in. We shared a short 10 minute message with him and set up a return appointment. He is also familiar with the church since he plays basketball with some of the members. It was a very cool experience. His name is Jay mix and he is a 23 year old male. He seemed very interested and before we even invited him to do anything we said he would like to come to church. We are hoping to see him there this next Sunday.  

The work has been going good lately. We did have a rough week though last week. We talked to so many people but weren't able to teach many lessons. It feels good though just to talk to the people we meet on the streets. Of course not every one will accept us but as we talk to people maybe we are planting seeds for future missionaries to harvest. My companion is very good at talking to people. He is not a afraid to talk to anyone even if its a large group of people. Its really helped me a lot lately too. Its hard for me to sometimes start talking to people but once Im talking to them its easy. He isn't afraid at all and he just talks to them which is exactly what I need. Since we have been companions though its become easier to talk to large groups of people. Our area here is actually pretty small too. If you look on the map our area looks big but when you work in our area its pretty small cause there are lots of businesses in our area, and a lot of busy roads and large skyscapers. We work in the same few areas almost everyday so lots of people know us now but we are still exploring and finding new things. The work is great though and it is also progressing. 

Elder Jones

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