Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hello again everyone
We had another great week this week. The week was kinda crazy because one of the elders in our district was sick and had to stay at our home. In our district there are the Quezon Elders, and there are 4 of us, then there are the Rizal Elders, there are 2 of them and their area is about 2 hours away. One of the Rizal Elders was sick and they had to stay at our apartment until Thursday. The work was still really great though. Elder Barrientos and I taught a lot of lessons again. The week ended perfectly with a branch activity here which followed the baptisms. 
Our investigators, Jolisa Alicos, Yna Fahardo, and Jimboy Enaje were all baptized on Saturday and the other Elders investigator Bryan Laurence was also baptized. It was a great experience and It was soo awesome to hear them share their testimonies with us after they were baptized. After the baptism they branch activity began. There was a lot of food there and everyone started running around the pool and pushing others in. It was crazy anyone who was dry after about 20 minutes, besides the missionaries, became a target for those who had already fallen in. They started dragging people to the pool and threw them in we just sat there and watched. It was great cause we didn't have to worry about being thrown in so we just enjoyed seeing everyone else being hunted down and thrown in. Yesterday the district presidency also came down and reorganized the branch presidency here. President Custudio was released as the Branch President and President Yap was called as the new branch President. He will do a great job. Im really looking forward to seeing the progression of Quezon Branch.  
Love and Miss you all! I will talk to you next week.
Love Elder Jones

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