Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Jones Family! 

So I told you in my last letter that we had a very challenging week. But this week was absolutely amazing! We taught so much and found tons of new investigators. We taught 20 lessons and had 30 new investigators which are mostly families! It was so great and many of them are so interested in our message and love it when we come visit. One family we are now teaching is so great. The first visit with them was amazing and the spirit was so strong there and my companion and I knew it for sure but after we taught we asked them if we could help them with anything and the father said yes our son has a fever could you give him a blessing. It was so great to see them trust us enough and have enough faith to ask us to do that in the first visit. So we gave their baby a blessing. Several days when we returned after talking with them for a few minutes and seeing how they were doing the father told us that just hours after we had given his son a blessing he was back to normal. His fever was gone and he started to eat and drink again. It was such an amazing experience and It really strengthened mine and my companions faith and desire to help others. We have taught them twice now and they are doing great. I'm so excited to see how the do in the future. We found many other investigators who were amazing and one of them we found through a referral. They live pretty far away but we walked all the way to their home yesterday and met them. There are super prepared and the immediately said sorry for not being able to go to church earlier. The father wasn't home but we had a member with us so we were able to teach. We only taught a little and one of their little sons wanted to pray for us so he did then he asked me for a restoration pamphlet so I gave one to him. He started jumping around saying " Binigyan ako" which is kinda like He gave me one! It was really cool to teach them and we have a return appointment tomorrow! 

Things are going great here! We are having so much fun and Im learning a lot. I wish i could say more but we have to go shop now. I love you all so much and I miss you all too! have a great week!! 

Elder Jones

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