Thursday, June 18, 2015

How are all of you doing

So this week was actually one of the hardest weeks so far in my mission. My companion and I went all over the place trying to teach and we always ran into a situation where we couldn't teach. For example the the father of the family was still at work and wouldn't be home to much later or they just weren't at home at all. It was very difficult and we kept asking ourselves what we needed to do to fix it. Unfortunately the entire week was like this. We tried so many different things and nothing was working. But this doesn't mean we had a terrible week. When we did teach we had some very neat things happen. One of our investigators is a 17 year old boy who is very interested and when we taught him about the restoration he told us that he is like Joseph Smith. He wants to know the truth but doesn't know where it is. The next time we came back we asked if her read his assignment. He did and he also had some questions like "why was Jesus Christ baptized?" "Why did he need to be baptized?" "Why do we need to endure to the end?" and some other questions like that. It was so cool and then he told us that he also prayed about our message and the book of Mormon. He said he felt something inside him like he had never felt before and then we committed him to be baptized. We had several other amazing experiences with some of our other investigators where they kept their commitments. It was a very hard week yes, but very rewarding and definitely worth it. I think this week will be great! I'm super excited to go back out and work later tonight and I know are day is going to be great. 

Thank you guys for everything!! Love you all so much!! BYE!

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