Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello Jones Family

This week was pretty good! We taught a good amount and had 18 new
investigators so we have a lot of following up to do and lots of
people we need to visit! This week is going t be super busy. We also
had a really cool experience yesterday! About 3 weeks ago we found a
recent investigator's teaching report and we decided to go visit them
in a part of our area called Kaligasgasan. We talk to so many people
trying to find this person and we spent some good time trying to find
them and we didn't! We just decided we couldn't keep spending time
trying to find this person so we haven't went looking for them since.
Yesterday we were in a part of our area called Bakawan and while
walking down the planks to an appointment we heard someone say Elders.
We stopped and talk to them and she said Elders had taught her before.
We asked what her name was and it ended up being the one family we
were looking for in Kaligasgasan. They had moved. We set up a return
appointment for Tuesday.
And we don't talk to a lot of tourists just because they are always in town and we spend a lot of time where the people live which is a just right outside of the town. But some
times they ask for directions then we talk to them about the gospel. 
I'm short on time so I need to go! But I love you all and Miss you!!!
Have a great week!! BYE!!!

Elder Jones

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