Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello all

So this past week just on Monday I finished mt training with my companion and we found out he was transferring. I also received a text message from President Ostler saying that I will train. So yes my new companion has only been in the field a couple days and I'm training right out of my own training. Its kinda difficult but that's OK it will really help both of us. Right now we are just focusing on finding new investigators and helping our progressing investigators work towards baptism. The other day we went and visited Sister Exyl and Brother Jared. Brother Jared showed us all the new stuff he bought for new years. A white shirt, dress pants, shoes and a bunch of ties. We taught him how to tie a tie and yesterday at church he was so qwapo! Or handsome! It was so cool to see him all dressed up and Sister Exyl was also dressed up for Church. Their entire family is coming to church and they are always there early now. Since we really need to find some new investigators in our area we have been talking to so many people. Just within the past few days we talked to 39 people. Our mission President has also put in some new goals for every companionship to OYM each week. We are really trying to find those people that are ready for our message. It is very hard though. We have had several people say that we can come back and share our message with them but some have said no, or I'm busy, or just I'm not interested. Last night after church the only thing we did was talk to people. We talked to a lady earlier this week and we gave her a pamphlet about the restoration. After we gave her the pamphlet she wouldn't even take her eyes off of it, even when she shook our hands and was taking to us. She said we could come back this week so I'm really hoping that she will become a progressing investigator. We also ran into another guy who is always in the same spot. Me and my last companion, Elder Villan, gave him a Book Of Mormon and taught him about the restoration. Just the other day he had us sit down and just went on and on about how he doesn't like the Book Of Mormon because all the war and that it doesn't say a single thing about Jesus Christ. He had us show him one spot in the Book where in talks about Jesus Christ, so we did. I'm pretty sure he was kind of drunk at the time too.

So for new years we had to return to our apartment early because it gets pretty crazy outside. Everyone is partying and yes there are fireworks. I have never seen so many fireworks before. Groups of people get together in the roads and just shoot of fireworks and party all night long. The entire sky was full of fireworks. Try to find a video on you tube or something of new years in the Philippines cause its absolutely crazy. I took some video of it but I think the file is to big to send over E mail. But I have never seen so many fireworks in my life. The sky was just full of them for as far as we could see. There was also lots of loud music and people lighting these extremely large firecrackers in the streets. The streets were full of pieces left from the fireworks the next day. 

Happy new year to you all! I hope grandma will get feeling better soon. You all have a great year and don't forget to write. I will talk to you next week! Bye!

Elder Jones

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