Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kumusta po kayo lahat!

noong martes tumanggap ako ng package mula sa inyo! Maraming salamat po! Gusto ko ang cookies, stocking at pants. HAHA! Kahapon meron kaming Stake Conference. Nagsimula yan sa 10 AM. Simbihan namin dito ay nagsisimula sa 2 PM linggo linggo. Ibig sabihin ang schedule namin was way different. umulan all day kahapon. So during our proselyting time we got extremely wet. We walked around with our umbrellas and talked to a bunch of people. We had some really cool experiences. We talked with one guy yesterday who was just sitting along in one of the small ally ways. He was telling us how his left side of his body is paralyzed and he cant at all use it. He is a super nice guy and we talked for a while. I gave him a pamphlet for the plan of salvation and told him we believe that when we are resurrected our body will become perfect. He was a very humble and nice man. I told him we will try to come back and visit him and he said that would be fine. Earlier this week we had a day that was pretty discouraging. Every where we went we couldn't teach for one reason or another. Then I saw one of our investigators smoking who I hadn't seen with a cigarette for almost 2 months. It really stunk and after that I couldn't stop thinking about what we need to do to help him. We then headed down to teach one of our investigators who we just started teaching and is progressing very well. She had left her home so we couldn't teach. We have been teaching her at the Deato family's home. We went to the Deato family and their son Romeo was sick. We talked for a little bit I asked them about Janette our investigator then we gave Romeo a blessing. While walking home again I was upset cause we didn't get to teach Janette cause I was really looking forward to it after that day. While walking home a bunch of kids sitting on the side of the street yelled out "Elder Jones" I looked back and saw about 6 of them. I said "Kumusta kayo" and they responded with "Ok long Ikaw" I told them "Mabuti" Then said " Ingat kayo" and continued walking on. When they said hi to me it really made my day. I felt like even though we didn't get to teach much and we had some hard trials that through our example and being friendly to all the people that we meet is one way we are doing missionary work. I felt good about my actions before to talk to people and just make friends. Its so cool when walking around tons of people are always saying hi to us. The next day when we returned Romeo was out of bed playing with his friends outside. It was a miracle that we had went from sick 12 hours ago to being outside with all his friends. A couple days after we were walking y Jumong and all his friends the all ran over to us and wanted to talk with us. One of Jumongs friends said "Elder Jones I'm catholic are you allowed to teach Catholics and can you teach me" another said "Im Iglesia can you teach me" I told them we could then they started asking about our beliefs. I started to answer their questions then told them some day when we are with Jumongs family we can probably teach them about our message. So now they always ask when we are going to teach them. Its really cool to see Jumong become a member and now all his friends have an interest. 

I love you all and have a great week!!! BYE!!

Elder Jones

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