Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello Family,
Yes training is a huge difference especially when I went from the trainee to the trainer in just a day. I'm learning a lot though. Because we are both brand new and we still have a lot to learn we have been studying so hard everyday and even though we are new its been so cool the things we have able to accomplish. We are still continuing to OYM a lot in order to find new investigators. Last week we OYMed a guy who seemed kind of interested. We asked him if we could come back he said yes so when we returned his wife was actually sleeping so we didn't teach but he had a lot of questions because he had read the pamphlet we gave him. So we answered his questions and he told us to come back. We are going to keep dropping by and hopefully we can teach him. There are several people that we OYMed last week that we have a return appointment with for this week. So hopefully we can get a lot of new investigators. Here pretty soon we will be going to visit a lady we OYMed at the end of last week. She seemed super interested and asked tons of questions and wanted us to come back on Monday to share our message with her. We are having so many cool experiences OYMing and we are meeting a lot of new people in our area. Just when we are walking there are people who will say "Hey its the Elders" Its way cool. I'm just really hoping we can find a lot of new investigators. The first day with my new companion we OYMed a girl as we were returning to our apartment. Her name is Janette and she lives right by the Diato family who are recent converts. We have taught Janette several times at the Diato family's home and yesterday she came to church. Sister Exyl and Brother Jared are always at church now. It has become a habit for them to be there. They haven't missed for a long time now. Its so cool to always see them there. Sister Merryann is really progressing I was worried about her not reading the Book of Mormon then the other day we shared a scripture with her and she said "Oh I read this chapter." It was so good to hear her say that cause it reassured me that she was reading. Unfortunately we don't have any baptisms soon. The closest one is in February and it really depends on if the Investigator is ready. But because we are finding lots of new potentials investigators and many new investigators who are progressing we will hopefully see many baptisms in our area within the next few months. But it will take some time. 

I LOVE you all and miss you! Have a great week and I will talk to you next week! BYE!

Elder Jones

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