Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello Family. 

My new companion is a Filipino but is actually from Qatar. Both his parents are Filipino but they work in Qatar. Lots of people think he is from Japan, China or Korea. The other day a little kid walked by us and said ' Hi America Hi Korea." It was really funny. He speaks Tagalog though so if I cant understand he can. But I can understand a lot now and I have to speak it so much everyday that I'm getting a lot better at it. 

The other day we went and taught sister Jennet again. We finished the plan of salvation. A couple days earlier while talking she hold told us that her dad had died. So we told her through the plan of salvation she can see him again. I thought she was about to cry. It was a really cool experience especially when she told us that she understands the plan of salvation. We were really able to teach it to her simply and in a way that she as well as the Deato family, who are recent converts, could understand. When they all told us that they understood and I could tell that thy really could by the look in their faces I felt like we had done our job. we then invited sister Jennet to be baptized again. She is very shy and in the past just hasn't answered but this time she said yes. We then set a goal for March 7. I feel that sister Jennet will be baptized then or close to it because she is reading and coming to church and always likes to hear our message. She said she feels something about our message and listens really well.

our area is pretty difficult. We talked to 72 people last week on the streets and some seem interested but most of them don't seem interested. Im really hoping we can find some new investigators who will really progress in the gospel and really want to know if its true. 

Love you all!!! I will talk to you next week!!! BBYYE!!

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