Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello Jones Family
So right now I am in my 2nd area and I'm in the area that is considered the most beautiful area in the whole mission. I'm in Coron Palawan. There is no ward here it is just a branch, and yesterday I already talked and My companion and I taught the gospel principles class. The branch here is very small and there are only 4 missionaries here as well as a senior couple. When Elder and Sister Duford picked me up at the airport the explained to mean that this area, and branch really needs to be strengthened. Its so cool that I'm assigned here and I will be helping these people to understand the gospel. They told me that this area is still in the 1800 of church history time. My new area is just a small town that sits on an island surrounded by other islands. The town sits right inside a massive cove and there are lots of boats and many of the people here fish for a living. There are several places in our area like neighborhoods but are just houses on stilts over the water.Also many of the people here do not speak English or really understand English like others in Manila. So one thing I will be doing here is improving my Tagalog and all the other Elders here are Filipino. Its such a cool area and is so unique. There are no Jeepneys here just trikes and the trikes here are specific to this place and are designed to carry 7 people. The branch here is also great. Yesterday after church we went to work and while working we saw a group of 3 members out doing their home teaching. They joined us and we went and taught with them. The members in the branch are always working with us. Its so great! There were also 2 baptisms here on Saturday. Narlito and Kyle. They are both younger but are already very strong in the gospel. There is no baptismal font here so they were baptized in a swimming pool. I had already met my new companion because we were next door neighbors in our first area. We are also in the same batch so we have now both been out for 7 months.So far I'm really liking this area and I'm really looking forward to working here its so great!! 
Love you all!!! Have a great week!!
Elder Jones

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