Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So our investigator thats wants proof we have showed him several scriptures but he keeps saying thou shalt not add. I keep trying to explain to him that in order to know if the book of mormon is true we have to read and pray about it. I don't think he understands. He still wants proof. We have given him several scriptures about faith and how we need to have faith. Anyway we have one investigator who has come to church once but hasn't been back for a while. He is doing great though besides church. He does all his assignments as well as reads. last time we were there he had read all the way to page 40 and done his assignment. He has also been praying and he has just been doing a great job. Last week we started teaching him the Plan of Salvation. We stopped about half way through and told him when we returned we would finish. He basically told us "Good cause this is really nice" I wants to know more about the Plan of Salvation and Im hoping this will help him come to church. Sister Exzyl is still doing great. We are still waiting for their marriage. The other day over at their new home Brother Jared's son Godwin was mocking and copying me. Godwin is super awesome and he is always speaking nonsense. Anyway I said "Makakapagpabagabag" and he stopped copying me cause he couldn't say it. It was so funny and everyone started laughing. Many of our investigators are doing well. We are actually finding tons of people its just that people are progressing but slowly. We have many new investigators but they are progressing very slowly. It is also very hard to meet with people in our area sometimes because the are jeepney drivers, trike drivers, and everyone sleeps during the day cause its so hot. But we just do the best we can.

Earlier today we woke up early to go to the temple! We went to the LRT and there were so many people so we took a jeepney which went or about 45 minutes then dropped us off where we had to then get on the LRT and go to EDSA station then get on another LRT and go to another station where we had to take a shuttle to get to the temple. It was great it took forever but at least we had a great time and had fun with the district. I also saw one of my MTC teaches over there at the MTC and we talked for a little. It was awesome last time I couldn't understand her and this time I could. So we talked for a little then we also saw Brother Garcia, one of the cooks at the MTC. He also remembered me so we talked for a little! It was so cool to talk to and see them again. The temple was great we had such a great time.

Next week on Wednesday I finish training my companion so ill probably be transferring. I really want to go to Palawan but we will see what happens.  

I did get the package just last week so it was more like Birthday rather than Christmas but it was still amazing!!! THANK YOU all for the wonderful letters and packages!!! 

Love you all!! Thanks for he packages letters and Emails!! Until next week!!

Love Elder Jones

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