Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey guys!!

Anyway right now we are sitting in a computer shop with the whole district but its only 6 of us so not a ton. Early this morning here the McDonalds were giving away free breakfast to the first 1000 customers so we all woke up early to go get some free breakfast. When we arrived I got the last ticket for the free meal. I was the 1000 person and my companion didn't get one so he had to pay!! Joke I bought him food since he payed for the trike that took us there. It was super fun. After that we went back to the other Elders apartment and did our studies. Now we are in the computer shop and after we are going to go get some pizza! So far its been a really good day. 

This week was pretty good. We have one investigator who its trying to find out the Book Or Mormon is true but its kinda hard because he wants proof in the New testament ant he wants it to say "Mormon" I have been spending a lot of time searching for a really good scripture in the Bible to help him. He reads and prays when we visit him and he always has a lot of questions but its hard for him to accept the Book Or Mormon as well as Joseph Smith as a prophet. He is so fun to teach though cause he really challenges us. The nice thing is he doesn't try to bible bash. The area that I'm in right now is supposedly one of the hardest areas in the entire mission. I believe it. Our area is very difficult but we have several investigators who we have found who are doing great. Just having those investigators makes all the hard experiences in our area worth it. This week while walking a lady yelled out to us and asked if we were Mormons. Of course we responded yes. She told us she had been to church before and she wanted to go back. She isn't a member. But she just arrived here in our area and isn't to familiar with the area. Thats was a really cool experience we just have to teach her. While talking with her a bunch of her friends got involved and several of them expressed an interest to hear our message. Also sister Exyl our Golden investigator is still doing great. Her and her family are always at church and we had a FHE with them last week and we watched the Joseph Smith movie with them. Brother Jared and Sister Exyl are still working on their wedding but they said it will be soon. I will probably be leaving this area on the 25 of March and Im very worried that I wont see her baptism. If I don't im just glad I was one who was able to share the message of the gospel with her. 

Love you all so much!! Have a great week!!! 

Love Elder Jones

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